Forget Jason White - Timmy Chang is the prototypical CFL QB and he would be an excellent fit in Saskatchewan. At 6'1" and mobile, he's got the right combination of size and he's the all-time leading passer in NCAA history.

I heard a rumour that he's on Edmonton's neg list. Having just been released by Arizona, he's ripe for the picking and SK having a bye week, this is the time to strike. Trade a combination of players if you have to. Get this guy.

It'll take him a year to get going, but this guy is the quarterback the Riders have needed for decades. Smart, talented, accurate and a winner.

Does anyone know for sure that he's on Edmonton's neg list?

its BS hes not on their list!

i saw some of his video clips here http://www.TimmyChang.net

i just wonder how his skills from college will translate to the CFL game.


That would be good! He would just have to remember what he was out there for right!

who's Tommy Chong?

LEo form that 70's show, and chong from chich and chong

Go rent some of their movies on VHS! He is to smart on the 70's show ha ha ha

Born in Edmonton, Alberta's capital city a few hundred miles farther north, Chong and his family soon moved down the road a piece, to a town on the outskirts of Calgary called Dog Patch. Tommy figures his father, a truck driver, made the move because "he'd been wounded in World War II, and there was a veteran's hospital in Calgary. He bought a five-hundred dollar house in Dog Patch, and raised his family on fifty dollars a week."


didnt this guy like set an NCAA record with passing yards?

LMAO!!!!!!! its Cheech & Chong........oh boy I think i am too old for this board

yeah, he set the NCAA record for passing yards... actually shattered it by surpassing it with 2000 yards. No one will ever break that record unless college graduates are allowed to play. Chang is also 2nd all time in touchdowns.

Before the NFL draft, Edmonton had offered Chang a contract... but this was before they re-signed Ricky Ray. I think Chang would help out any CFL team. but i think he still wants a shot at the NFL. Chang will go to the CFL someday.... just not today.