TIMMY CHANG..-the view from under the bus..

Nobody asked me but...I was less than impressed with an interview I saw with T Chang this week. In it he said he did not come here to be a back up and could better spend his time watching his child grow up in Rainbow Country. The worst thing about the interview was that he was wearing his TiCat sweater (unearned) while demanding to play . I was also less than impressed with his performance after his second play. Perhaps he should just shut up and learn the pro game!!!He did not appear to be able to spell "team" if you spotted him the t-e-a! His chance will come but must be earned. Have a funny day! The end.

Maybe Maas should go to the coach and tell him to start Changer in BC. :lol:

Whatever. I see it as a guy who knows he's 50 times better than the washed up q.b ahead of him and wants to be in there because he knows the TEAM'S best chance to win is with him in there.

Sometimes people interpret what another person says
completely differently than another person might, golfdaddy?.

I would appreciate it if you could provide
a reference or link to that interview,

so I can see or hear that he said for myself.

I want my #2 QB want to be the starter earned or not. Chang will be a #1 because of that attitude. Look at a guy like Ledbetter he was always happy to be #2 and that's why he never got the chance to be a #1 guy.

I'd be more worried if Chang was content to be behind Maas while the team is losing. I'm happy that he wants to grab this team by the horn and try to make it a winner.

Here is Charlie's interpretation
of Timmy's request to be the starter.

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"He (Chang) made it known in no uncertain terms.
He wants to be the guy. That's great.

You want your guy to say that," Taaffe said.

The Tiger-Cat head coach said the conversation
took place Saturday night

in the wake of the Cats 30-5 trouncing
at the hands of the Toronto Argonauts.

"He is really committed.

He feels that he wants
to play, he wants to win.

He feels that he can lead the team,
which is good. I was happy to hear him
step forward and want that," Taaffe said.

But he admits

Chang's confidence can work two ways.

The rookie could be dynamite or
the early start could
blow up in his face.

"If we throw him in there full-time
and he is not quite ready

that could work really
negatively on him.

It's a balancing act.

"But I respected Timmy for coming to me
and expressing his feelings.

I think he is a good player who is going
to continue to improve," Taaffe said.

I think it's good to have a backup quarterback that WANTS to play. I think he's a class act.

As soon as the Ticats make Chang the starter and Maas the "relief pitcher," they will start clicking.

Chang will be a star in this league, and the only one holding him back right now is Taafe, who I thought was smarter.

Timmy Big Kahuna back home.