Timmy chang starter ?

You know what Maas brings to the table and in four games this season it hasn't been enough. Thankfully, the East is weak this year so a playoff spot is not unrealistic even with a poor record. But, eventually the Cats will have to get a few wins to beat someone out of a playoff spot. Maas has shown he isn't up to the task. It's time to give Chang a couple of games to see if he is before time runs out.

Look at it this way. With Maas as QB, the Cats have lost the first 22% of this season's games already. If this was another sport, say hockey, don't you think they'd bring in the backup goalie by now just to see if he could spark a win?

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I agree..give Chang a start. And it should be this week in Winnipeg. We have to know real soon if he can do it. Hindsight tells me Chang should have started two weeks ago.

Mass is a good QB, Chang is a good QB. They have both been the victim of lots of dropped balls that only show up as incompletions in their stats. Both have been victims of a porous OL which is coming together. Now that it's been four games, everything should gel. In other words, they will be running out of excuses to have bad games.