Timmy chang starter ?

Timmy chang starter ?

Is this like, a crossword puzzle clue?

Nope not this week!

If it is a crossword, I'm going with Mai Tai

Yes, he should. Maas didn't have a great game. If it wasn't for Jesse Lumsdens yards rushing, the total offence wouldn't have amounted to much. What will it take to give him a shot at starting? Taaffe has shown a willingness to yank Maas without hesitation, so he should have enough confidence in Chang starting.


That’s a good argument.

Don't sweat Sig, he's illiterate when someone says something he disagrees with.

Does that mean he's actually literate when someone agrees with him?

Well he actually reads and writes coherantly when thats the case.

Wow, what's with all the vitriol this afternoon?

Anyways, Maas is the starter and should stay that way until he has a truly aweful game or injury.

I really like the looks of Chang and think he could become the next great Tiger-Cat QB, I just don't want to see him thrown into a situation where the team is having consistency problems and penalty problems that go far beyond the QB play.

As a young QB who is adjusting to a new league etc, I think it's important for the team around him to be playing at a resonably high level with few "drive killing" mistakes. Brutal offsides by receivers, a No End call a couple weeks ago.

Without sustained consistency from the team around him, I just don't see Chang being successful. It's the coaches job to put players in a position to be successful and it would be remiss of Coach Taffe to sacrifice the team's future on the alter of fan demands.

Perhaps Chang goes out there and, ala Casey Printers, dominates the league. But, lets not forget that the team around Printers went to the Grey Cup that year. Our team is not that calibre of team... yet.

Chang will get his due, just give it time. Maas gives us the best chance to win right now.

Without sustained consistency from the team around him, I just don’t see Chang being successful. It’s the coaches job to put players in a position to be successful and it would be remiss of Coach Taffe to sacrifice the team’s future on the alter of fan demands.


Maas gives us the best chance to win right now.

Disagree completely

Based on what do you disagree? I'm actually interested.

Maas numbers aren't spectacular by any stretch, but Chang hasn't really shown much more.

Understandably, the situation each were in were different, but Maas has the experience and under him this season, we've really shown quite well against B.C. and the Montreal game. I know that's not saying much, but you gotta go with what we've got.

I believe Williams or Chang give us a better chance of winning since they are both capable of running a more diverse offence than Maas is capable of. As long as our offence is limited to a short game, even if its designed specifically to Maas' limitations then I don't feel we have a chance to win on a consistant basis. Williams has been studying the offence for almost 3 years and if people truely believe clipboard holding is a teaching tool then he's ready. Simply put I believe Maas is 8th of all starting CFL QBs before this weekend. Now he's 7th by default

Well, I see where you're coming from with Chang. As I said, I quite like Chang, but Williams... Not so much. There's a reason he's the #3 under three different coaches.

He's got plenty of athletic ability, but he's been studying the playbook for just as long as everyone else on the team. Taafe intro'd a new system which is unlike the Marshall system and whatever Lancaster may have cobbled together.

I'd like nothing better then to see Chang out there giving us a fresh look, but don't discount Maas scrambling ability either. He plays tough and isn't afraid to pull it down. e's a good QB who has been sorely lacking in support.

Ultimately I see Maas as a backup to Chang, just not this year. If the playoffs become a non-question, then I think it's time to hand the reins to Chang, but for now, while the season is definatly up for grabs, you gotta go with the known quantity.

Something I think we can both agree on however, is that right now what we've got is 3 backup QBs.

That we do agree on


   I think you are missing something. Chang has played a bit in 3 regular CFL season games this year. We have seen Maas make the same errors etc ALL last year in addition to 4 games this year. How on earth can you compare them fairly? Can you imagine Chang (or anyone else) staying as a starter if he performed at Maas' level for a season and 4 games? He'd be gone in 4 games.

I'm not even sure Chang is the QB of the future right now. But I am darned sure Maas is on borrowed time thanks to the present QB situation where Charlie is holding back on Chang. We need another starter from somewhere and as I said in another thread....I sure hope Marcel is making the phone calls.

Well, as I said, I think we have 3 backup QBs, just so happens that one of them has plenty more experience then the others.

You're right though, Maas is on borrowed time, I just don't feel it's up yet. He's played well this year. Not great, but well and for the first two games he had basically no help.

The Stamps game was a litany of offensive errors, some QB related, many not. The Argos game was the same story but with worse Oline protection. Maas showed well against Montreal and better against B.C. As for last year, we had more problems then just quarterbacking. Oline was awful, receivers were worse, defence was weak. Basically everything sucked. So I discount last year completely and judge both players on this year, because that's what's important.

I'll be the first to cheer on Chang when the time comes, I've always maintained that. But for now, he needs to learn the game by watching, even if it means watching what not to do.

We'll win our share of games this year, I have faith and I don't care who gets us those wins. But for now, at least for now, Maas is our best bet to win.

And if I'm proven wrong and Chang goes out in Winnipeg and blows them away. I'll be first in line to call myself out on my error.

Charlie has probably been doing the right thing by starting Maas. Only problem is time is running out. If we don't start winning games real soon we will be out of the playoffs. How long does Maas have? 0-5, 0-6? If he is yanked then, it will not be fair to Chang...or the fans. Charlie could be snookering himself.
The defence seems to be coming along OK..so do the special teams. But the posters who defend Maas by saying the rest of the offence is not doing real good either, should consider this quote from Mickey Spagnola on the Dallas Cowboys website today. Its about QB Tony Romo and some other players and their upcoming season:
"Most of all, Romo needs to prove he is the man. Because if he isn't, it doesn't matter if the other nine guys on this list prove themselves or not."

Some say that Chang has not really looked better than Maas. Ok, but, Chang is a rookie. He has moved the ball as well as Maas. He has made some rookie mistakes, but overall, yes he has performed as well as Maas.

My only comment is that Maas is a veteran of the CFL and Chang is a rookier. The upside to starting Chang is that he is bound to improve leaps and bounds as he gets more experience. Maas on the other hand seems to have leveled out.

Give Chang a start.