Timmy Chang QB

I'e been touting Chang as a CFL QB for quite awhile so I was really pleased to see he may get a shot in Hamilton--too bad it couldn't be with the Argos though. Although he's been to 3 NFL camps and was a very late cut of the Eagles last season, he is really suited to the CFL game. If he can't be an Argo, I'd at least like to see him in the league.

An Argo fan

Timmy Chang
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Date of birth October 9, 1981 (age 25)
Place of birth Waipahu, Hawaii
Position(s) Quarterback
College Hawai'i
Statistics Pro Football Reference

2005 Arizona Cardinals
2005 Detroit Lions
2006 Rhein Fire
2006 Philadelphia Eagles

Timothy Kealii'okaaina Awa Chang (born October 9, 1981 in Waipahu, Hawaii) is an American football quarterback famous for leading the Warriors of University of Hawai'i. He is currently a free agent. He was signed by the Arizona Cardinals of the NFL in 2005, but was cut in training camp. That year, Chang also played in the preseason for the Detroit Lions but did not make the final roster. He then signed with the Philadelphia Eagles, who allocated him to the NFL 'AAA'Europe in 2006. He played for the Rhein Fire of NFL Europe for the 2006 season, in which he completed 50 of 89 passes for 659 yards, 4 touchdowns and 3 interceptions, while sharing playing time with Drew Henson.[1] He was in training camp with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2006, but was cut before the start of the regular season.

[edit] Collegiate Records and Recognition
He currently holds the NCAA Division I-A all-time interception record with 80. He also holds records for total offensive yards (16,910), most passing yards (17,072), most career plays from scrimmage (2,587), most passes attempted without an interception (70), and is second to Ty Detmer's 121 touchdown passes (117).

Chang was MVP of the 2003 Hawaii Bowl and Co-MVP with Chad Owens of the 2004 Hawaii Bowl in victories over Houston and UAB, respectively.

Oh, dear God, no!

Not a former Eagles player!!!

(j/k) - a guy where I work is not only an Argo fan, but an Eagles fan as well

here r sum videos of timmy breeaking ncaa pasinng yards record


This guy is not only built and designed for the CFL but was also coached in Hawaii by a former CFL quaterback in June Jones. Not a great one mind you but one that does know the game. I am very pleased that Hamilton was able to get him as well. I hope he joins us and has great success here.

You guys have obviously have not seen him play. He is not even close to being as good as his numbers indicate, he is even worse than Jimmy Klinger and Andre Ware who both put up ridiculous college numbers cause of the systems they were in. Even last year Hawaii's q.b threw 60 t.d's, everyone who plays under Jones puts up these kind of numbers, even Jeff George threw for 4000 yards and 30 t.d's under him.

So this guy is not playing anywhere right now? Not even in Europe or the AFL?

Under the circumstances, one has to think that if Desjardins tries to woo Chang to come up here and try out, Chang (who has tried and failed to make the NFL three years in a row) might be open minded about it.

Get him up here Marcel!

Last Time I watched him play he looked good to me I guess 4 passing and 1 rushing touchdown against Michigan State is not good enough of an example of a good QB and holding NCAA Division 1-A records are just not good enough guys this is the CFL we are talking about WAY HARDER!!! :roll:

I HAVE seen him play a number of times and that is why I think he would make a good CFL quarterback.

Wow man....I would have thought that Tommy Chong would have been too old to play man. But maybe we can get Cheech to sign too.

He's 25 with upside and probably better college stats than any other QB on the Cat's depth chart. He was cut by the Eagles on the last weekend of the preseason so he showed them something.

The guy can play and with your new coaches in place to tutor him, he may solve your QB problems for the next 7-8 years!!

An Argo fan

i also saw him play and thought he'd have a shot at being a good cfl quarterback: mobile, strong arm, good leadership skills, can roll and find the passing lanes ... pretty good brain too.

:thup: :thup: :thup:

Even if we are able to sign this guy, and that is no guarantee, it will take a few years
for him to develop his talents. we need a
proven QB this year to have any chance to get
in the Grey Cup. I tired of development Years!!!!!!

The big advantage to Chang is that he ran a pro-style offense at Hawaii (Mouse Davis's Run-and-Shoot), so the learning curve re the CFL will be accelerated. Mouse's offense was pivotal in the Argos' success in winning the Grey Cup in 1983.

Oski Wee Wee,

I'm so happy to see this organisation looking at the possibility of developing young QB's who might blossom here!
Welcome back to the group of Progressive teams with smart thinking management looking at the future as well as the day to day!!!

There is hope in Hamilton!

Thanks Bob!

So, are you saying that Hamilton hasn't been employing
a third string quarterback on their roster for some time, BR?

I have copy Run and Shoot Playbooks..
alot Reads in that offence
the QB has to be Tough to run it.
Because the Blocking system Can be Overwhelmed.

It Basicly 3 to 5 Stop Drop System with Roll outs.
3 Reads.. Deep Med Short..
make your get read of the ball quick.

Timmy Chang is a great player and I think in a few years if not less he could be a starting qb.

He looks short , how tall is he? that could be why he was cut in nfl,? --- whatever happened to Ben Sankee , or Butjer,or Brady, ? why bring in ncaa qb,s with no(C.I.H ) prospect to play, at least they should let a canadian kid hold the clipboard. IMHO

here are some stats and scouting info on Chang from NFL.com