Timmy Chang --- play him!

There has been much talk of Timmy Chang needing a couple of years before he is ready to start. I say--if he wins the job---play him!
Some qb's --- Casey Printers and Ricky Ray come to mind --- are ready to play without serving as a back up for a couple of years. Also--how long is he under contract? We don't want to let him sit on the bench for 2 years and then leave! He might just be one of those special players---if so, give him the ball in Calgary!

By all means If Chang wants to be play LET HIM PLAY.

OK coaches..

Let him play if he proves without a doubt that he's ready. He looked good last week, but the regular season is different. If he gets a chance to get in there when the "real bullets" fly and proves he can handle it then let him take over. Otherwise give him a year to learn. I do say play him when you get a chance. ex. a blowout win or loss

I agree in4td. I just don't want to see him ride the bench just because he is young. Gawd knows we've suffered through enough over the last few years that we could accept going through some growing pains with a young qb who gets us excited! Of course - he has to win the job first. I just hope he is judged on his performance and not just his age.

He's definitely competing well in camp and in the pre-season game. Lets see him against some of Winnipeg's vets in their secondary

If we wanna crown his #$% then crown him.

But I'd prefer to know for sure who Chang is. :lol:

I'm all for starting him if he is ready but I think he definatly needs to play friday, I like Richie Williams but I think now that King is gone he doesn't need to play in the game friday. Chang deserves another quarter or so friday to see if he can be consistant.

As I said elsewhere, it isn't like Chang is a straight out of the NCAA. He's done a stint in NFL-Europe and was a last-weekend cut of the Steelers in 2006.

An Argo-Cat fan

well said tomboy. icouldnt agree more.there've been some high profile qb's coming out of u.s. college straight into the starters role.gone are the days of "learning" for 3 or 4 years. if you're good enough you play. Its all about now,not next year. when camp breaks and he's shown the best,then he plays.

Chang = excitement.

And how long has it been since our offence was exciting?

If Maas and Butler falter, put in the Hawaiiian Punch immediately, please.

If we aren't scoring TD's with the "vets' at QB, and Chang only sees action to hold for field goals, there will be a mutiny in Ivor Wynne. Guaranteed.

Fans like me are sick and tired of the two-and-outs, and are starving for a gunslinger with a long-bomb-arm.

Can we at least give him a chance

Can't we all stand in a circle, holding hands, swaying back-and-forth singing "Kumbaya"?

Of course we should give him a chance. In the pre-season. Or when the game is out-of-reach (for good reasons or bad). IF Maas falters. IF he's not third-string. IF Williams and Buler don't out-perform him on Friday's game, and he's relegated to the PR.

Get what I'm saying?

No question TommyBoy1 if Timmy can outright win the job from two CFL vets (Maas & Butler) then throw him the keys but it is very rare. Ricky Ray did it in his rookie season (2002) but only after a Maas injury in week four and Printers rode the bench in 2003 and was 2nd string in 2004 till Dickenson got hurt.

Coach Taaffe is an offensive guru and especially with QBs having been one himself and the results he has posted as a coach in the CFL & NCAA bears this out. I have total confidence in Coach Taaffe's ability to pick the right people for the job. Having Tracy Ham at TC helping out the QBs can't hurt either.

Printers was actually the third string guy, but beat out Spergeon Wynn in TC in 2004 for 2nd spot (plus i think wynn was injured during camp.)