Timmy Chang NFL Scout Report

This might have been posted before, not sure. It is Timmy Chang's NFL Report, interesting reading and some of the traits described might be why he isn't quite ready to start just yet:



That helps explain Charlie's dilemma a little better. A high-priced veteran starter who is not producing to his apparent potential versus a hot shot young player who needs more experience. Too bad Rocky Butler did not work out. Where is Richie Williams in all of this? Maybe he should be given more game time. Looks like Charlie will have his hands full for a while yet.

...and your point is?
So, we've given up on him already??? He has shown command of the huddle, leadership, confidence and ability throw the long ball. What has Ritchie Williams shown in his appearances? Start Chang next game. If not for Lumsden's heroics, our offensive numbers would have been just that...offensive.

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can someone find the scouting report on doug flutie.surely that kid had no football future

Yes and what do you think NFL scouts would write about Jason Maas right now?

Sig, everyone has the same agenda, get better and win. Its in every thread by every poster. Just because you don't agree with the suggested course of action does not mean that the posts are inane

My point is....the same as its been since early last season. Maas has to go. I think Charlie would like to replace him too but he must be seeing in Chang what the scouting report points out.
The question now, at 0-4, is....how many more games do we have to lose with Maas before the season is gone. I think enough time has been spent by the coaching staff on Maas.I would rather see that time spent on Chang as a starting QB. Seems to me there is more potential there than with Maas.Williams also needs some game time as a backup. Other than hiring a proven CFL QB, what other choice do they have?

"He might be better suited playing north of the border in Canada"

And thank you to the author for writing that. We gladly accept him up here.

Also good to know the author knows that Canada is north of the border.

Someone wanted Fluties NFL scout report. Here it is, and as expected rather negative although brief compared to the later ones .http://www.tsn.ca/nfl/teams/players/bio ... =&hubname=

Sorry, link didn't seem to work will try again.

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/nfl/teams/players/bio/?id=2683&name=&hubname=]http://www.tsn.ca/nfl/teams/players/bio ... =&hubname=[/url]

if this doesn't work, just type it in if your really interested.

Can’t find an NFL report on Jason Maas, maybe because he wasn’t drafted. Not unusual though because I have looked for same on players that have played in either league and haven’t always been able to find one.