timmy chang let go by winnipeg

this according to www.cfl.ca

and these were the ticat quarterbacks before last year began...

Jason Mass
Rocky Butler
David Corley
Timmy Chang
Shaun King
Marcus Brady
Jon Beutjer
Kevin Eakin

a lot of jersey lettering lost on those names.... :lol:

[url=http://www.winnipegsun.com/sports/football/2009/02/25/8533401.html]http://www.winnipegsun.com/sports/footb ... 33401.html[/url]

I really thought Chang would be the next big thing with the Cats.

Talk about from the penthouse to the outhouse.

Too bad. I really liked watching him play and I still think he wasn't given a real opportunity.

Throwing him to the wolves in back to back games against the Argos number 1 defence a couple of years ago was a mistake IMO.

I hope he gets a chance elsewhere.

I still think Chang has a lot to offer the CFL. With a couple of years of grooming, I believe he can really do it as a starting QB.

News of this release was not surprising to me. I thought that after the Bombers brought in LeFors, Chang would be on the way out. Considering that both Dinwiddie and Randall were ranked ahead of him on the WPG depth chart, I thought Chang would be the one to go.

I'm not sure if he'll get another chance in the CFL. Other teams would likely prefer to bring in younger QBs as backups. But I didn't think any team would be quick to pick him up after the Ticats released him. And if a CFL team does not pick him up, perhaps he could go to the AFL and... oh wait, never mind. :slight_smile: But there still is that af2 league.

The game he got thrown in there he was very good but the pressure of Labour Day and the thoughts of the Argos Defence was to muchfor the young fella, This guy will start somewhere, maybe Ottawa? He was to amazing in University for someone to not give him anothe chance.

The guy is not good enough to be third stringer on a 3-15 team....
Then is cut from a 8-10 team....

Sorry Timmy...better check out other ways of earning a living.

I'm usually pretty sympathetic towards cut players, but I always found Timmy a bit arrogant and he actually seemed to think that his college career could carry him through the CFL

Chang is simply one of those guys that although great in college he couldn’t ever make it work in the pro’s. Pro is a lot more complex and quick. Chang started playing pro ball 2 years before he came to Hamilton in the NFL and NFL Europa.

I think with good coaching he could improve but who knows by what margin. I’m sure another club will grab him at least as a PR guy.

And this is news... how?

The transition from college to the pros isnt automatic.....There are tons of Heisman winners, record holders and college superstars who are working for the post office or getting their realtors licence right now.

Timmy Chang isn't nor will he ever be a professional QB. He wasn't good enough to be third stringer on arguably the worst team in Canadian football...He wasn't good enough to be fourth string on an 8-10 Bomber team. His college career ended 5 years ago....time to look at now and not then.

When you can't beat Richie Williams (an RB who can throw a bit) for a spot, you know its time to update the ol' CV

8) You must be dreaming !!! If 2 teams have given up on him in 2 years as a back up QB, what possibly gives you the idea that he can still be a starting QB ???
   I would have to say that this is now the end of the line for Timmy in the CFL.

   He's also not the biggest of guys as far as QB's go  !!!!

Yes, I agree that the CFL has likely seen the last of Mr Chang........he can go hang out in the bar with Kevin Eakin.

Sure he had great college stats but so what..............so did Andre Ware and Tee Martin and we all know how well they did in the CFL.

Tipper and als4ever have it correct............he can't make third string in Hamilton nor 4th string in Winnipeg, it's time to look for another line of work.


You surprise me. You are definately in the minority in this one.
The facts speak for themselves about Chang. We discussed his situation on this forum many times during the disastrous Maas era.
He had enough opportunity to show his abilities and just was not up to it. It was not like he was fresh out of school. Good luck to him but I can't imagine who or why any other team would want him now.

Yeah. I know. :frowning:

The facts speak for themselves about Chang. We discussed his situation on this forum many times during the disastrous Maas era. He had enough opportunity to show his abilities and just was not up to it. It was not like he was fresh out of school.
Yeah, the facts are the facts, but I think I see them a little differently. You're right, the Maas era was a disastrous one. So much so that I believe any QB would have failed miserably with that offense that was so inept. So to throw any QB into that situaion would not have provided for a true indication of his ablitites or potential.

Yeah, yeah I know. I'm in the minority on this one. There's just soemthing about his competativeness that I really like,

(shrug) Oh well. :expressionless:



There are probably 10 CIS Qb,s who could have been Better than Chang , had they got the oportunity in the CFL that Chang was given. :cowboy:

Are there 10 quarterbacks in the CIS?


I wouldn't say that the Maas era was a complete disaster. If you look at his stats at the beginning of his first year here he was always close to 300 yards. Keep in mind that we were very close in a lot of game at the beginning and if we would have pulled out a few, we probably would have made the playoffs. After those tough losses, we couldn't put the ball in the endzone, the aging players showed that they were aging and our defense was atrocious.

I was a big Maas support and know that he wasn't successful here. But the thing I have to remind everyone is that everyone who QBd this team after he left, Williams, Chang, and Printers, were just as unsuccessful if not more than Jason.

I think that there was too much expected of Maas' teams and once we started losing, everyone got on him. He's a good QB, not a great QB but you have to admit that our teams surrounding him, just weren't that great.


    Yeah...but the sad state of the team last year did not stop Quinton Porter from looking good when he first came in. And Ritchie Williams managed to move the ball better than Maas and Chang with the same players around him.

Porter and Tafralis are the exceptions, which is why I left them out.

Chang never moved the ball in a regular season game with the same team. Chang had 1 good half in the CFL during the regular season.

Williams stats are comparable to Printers. Maas was better than both of them. Williams is not that good. The team is excited for a series or two but Richie is not that great. Sorry to burst everyone's bubble. He's a 3rd stringer at best. He can change the pace of a game but he's not starter in this league.

Everyone blames Maas and Printers for our problems over the past 3 year but unfortunately the problems were bigger than the 2 of them.

The changing of coaches, GMS and players every year doesn't attract free agents. The team is more stable now and with a few minor adjustments (oline and dline) we will be competitive.