Timmy Chang is coming to the Bombers?

I read the Winnepeg GM and the Tigercats GM were discussing about trading for Timmy Chang. any news?

...yes the Hamiltin gm has been talking with Taman...but he's also talking with three other clubs right now....who knows if Chang is coming to the Bombers.. :roll: :roll: :wink:

Actually it’s Tommy Chong coming to Winnipeg and he’ll be starring at MTC in a play called “Up in Smoke” based on his old movie of the same name! :wink:

Who's Tommy Chong?

we don't need Timmy Change here, he sucked in his regular season games and is unproven.... we need to wait it out and go out and get an experienced back-up (Crandell, Brady ETC.) someone like that .... I didn't like chang in the regular season last year and getting him here would be a BIG mistake.

Also heard the kids got an attitude problem from a friend of mine in Burlington, ONT (next to Hamilton), WE DON'T WANT CHANG, WE WANT EXPERIENCE FOR ONCE.

An experienced backup QB in Winnipeg?

Wouldn't that be a refreshing change!

...i don't know bluengold....Chang showed us a little something when he played us in pre-season... of course that was only an exhibition game but you got to admit playing behind a porous 'o' line like the Cats had last year is hardly enough to judge the guy...If he has attitude...i don't see anything wrong with that....BUT if he's not a team player and a disturbance in the locker-room...i would agree with you, pass on the guy....i'll also add that Sankey or Crandell have the experience and might be another option...but looking way down the road...IF Chang worked out...might end up better for us??? :roll:

We’ve done a heck of a good job locking up our free agents,but your friendly sarcasm,Madjack speaks volumes!! Without a proven,solid backup Qb we are in a pile of trouble if Glenn goes down! I know it,you know it and everybody else knows it. We have a few months before opening kickoff so I guess we’ll see what Taman has up his sleeve. :cowboy:

It would be nice to keep Dinwiddie and get an experienced guy too boot. But if he has to choose, I hope Taman can get one of Crandell/Sankey/Butler. At least they have all started more than one CFL game in their career.

I know he did good in the pre-season against us, remember our regulars didn't all play. I agree that maybe he has an upside and behind our strong O-Line, might just be the answer.

But remember he was benched at least 3 times that i remember and that is pretty bad, and he has a bad attitude, we don't need that papa.

Some team will have to release a QB or 2 -

Cgy might release Sankey - that would be alright

Edm might have got Maas as trade bait - that would rock or Stefan LeFors, i liked what i saw from him

Sask is pretty high on 2 of there rookies, so Crandell
may be the answer, probably one of the top 3 that

Hamlton - Well they have Chang and they did sign Ritchie Williams (who is my favorite), doesn't mean they won't trade him or release him

T.O has no one i would want - Maybe Allan as insurance and mentorship, obviously Bishop will start.

MTL has Cavillo, Brady, Banks and Brady will push for number one, Maybe take Banks back, but i would rather see Brady here (he can run and is elusive)

Either way i hope Taman doesn't go the rookie route again, we kept Zac Taylor for a reason,maybe to groom him for 2ND string, if Dinwiddie doesn't sign back.


The "attitude" problem Chang had last year was when he told his coach he wanted to start. This was after Hamilton had started the season 1-8.

..Taman is still on the look-out for a back-up qb....Dinwiddie is still a possibility , but i don't see the Bombers re-signing him because of his salary demands.....after all he did play in the Grey Cup as a fill-in...and that appearance alone should get him the big-bucks.......NOT... Chang is still on the radar...should hear something soon... :roll:

Of the names suggested...

I don't think Edmonton will trade LeFors, I think they see him as their QB of the future.

Scratch Crandell, he's not going anyhere now.

Brady may push AC for the starter's role, I doubt Montreal would deal him. Don't think Berry wants another go-round with Banks.

So that would leave Sankey, Chang, and Rocky Butler as possibilities. If Toronto starts the season with both Joseph and Bishop, poor Rocky ain't getting any playing time there, so he may be a good choice for you guys.

....Taman passed on Rocky last year when we had a chance to pick him up MadJack....doubt that we're interested...I would say Sankey is on the list though...as well as Chang....Lefors is an interesting guy....south paw...and didn't look too bad last year...BUT not much experience...I'd like us to solidify something soon...we've been in this qb. deficit for quite awhile...somethings gotta break ... :roll:

I wonder if Taman still has Stanley Jackson's phone number.......

If Dinwiddie had got some playing time last season, the OC might have been able to give him more than 4 plays to run. He has talent and poise but no experience. Remember when we let Danny McManus go b/c we didn't think he was starter material? How many Grey Cups and records did he get after we let him go?
Give Dinwiddie a chance

Dinwiddie is smart enuff but does not have a big enuff arm he throws to spots so if you zone up on him were in trouble the shortest pass he threw in the grey cup was 15 yards and that was for like a 3-4 yard gain

Anyone know what happended to Holland? I saw the Bombers exhibition games and he was the only Bomber who looked like a QB in those games but Berry cut him anyway and kept Dinwiddie and Kingsbury who was obviously garbage because we traded Brad Banks for him.

Ps We let McManus go because Cal didn't want his daughter to have to move away.