Timmy Chang critics or fans, check out these clips

In agree with LUKETHOMPSON,end of story.

All we are saying is give Chang a chance.

I knew someone would pick up on that.

lol - I was being SARCASTIC, you guys need to chill!!
do you think that Chang would be thrown in as the starter even if he looked impressive in pre-season???

lukethompson wrote:
" Excuse me but Maas has plenty of experience as a starter…just because he played alongside Ricky Ray for all those years doesn’t mean he didn’t get a chance to start…While Ray was busy trying to crack the NY Jets lineup Mass led the Eskies to a Grey Cup (which Ricky came back and won for the team)

 I have a different definition of "starter". In Edmonton, Maas was the back-up. He came off the bench when Ray, the teams starting QB, was out. Maas may have started games but he was still the backup QB. When Ray was ready to play again he resumed his job as the starter and Maas went back on the bench. 

Maas was hired as the starting QB by the Tiger-Cats. I see that as different to what his situation was in Edmonton.When you are a starter you have the perfect opportunity to mature and improve. That did not happen, before or after Pao Pao, which is why I have been critical of Maas. He seemed out of sync with the team the whole season. They badly needed a leader and he just did not step up from what I could see. Also …his inability to find open receivers for whatever reason made it look to me like many of his teammates just gave up on him. Its time for a change in the starting QB.

The QB making the most money will start the season. But once he starts floundering and his team starts losing, the best QB will play. That's just football politics.

it's happened before,
Joe Montana$$$ -> Steve Young
Drew Bledsoe$$$ -> Tom Brady
Trent Green$$$ -> Kurt Warner