Timmy Chang critics or fans, check out these clips

There's been talk about Chang being the QB of the future, to being the 3rd string QB, to not even making the team. There's talk as to why Chang was not drafted in the NFL to whether or not he can throw deep. I just have a feeling a majority of us haven't had a chance to see him really play yet. So i did research.

Found some highlight clips of his football career at http://www.TimmyChang.net (looks like a fan-made website). But it's got some good clip of Chang from the NFL,NFLeurope and college running different offensive systems. You guys should see the College clip where he's playing the Run-N-Shoot. Which looks very similiar to the CFL.

Obviously, these are highlight clips so you're only seeing the good plays, but you can get an idea as to what Chang can do. If you have questions about his deep throws, watch where he throws the ball 55 yards on a strike while back-peddling. It seems he's most comfortable while in the shotgun formation. I think he'll have an easier time adjusting to the CFL style of play than most other rookie QBs. Hopefully, this will lead to more educated discussions.

solid video's from nfl europe, all we need is that cedric starling guy n we have an offence lol

Not to take anything away from Chang, but those highlights really illustrated some excellent pass protection and wide open receivers.

That's not taking anything away from him cause he will have open receivers in any formation it's all about vision and timing. As for pass protection, no qb will put up #s if he's not protected. I think Chang will do fine.

Chang is going to make this team. Mass better play well or Timmy might get a shot. He has all the tools. He is smart, elusive and can throw a mean pass. :rockin:

he also seems like a people person and will get along well with others, i can tell this from the interveiw,

Never the less he is a raw rookie and will
take time to learn how to read defences.
Even his coach admits he needs help in that


GOTC: C'mon. Maas has been around for years. When he was given his chance as a starter last season it was painfully obvious he still is not ready to start.
QB's have to start sometime. The earlier the better. If they have a good record in college or NFL Europe...sign 'em, develop 'em and play 'em. We need a new QB and back-ups. The combination of Chang along with Richie Williams and Rocky Butler should give the coaching staff enough choice as to who it will be. They have all had to read defences before. Then it will be up to Charlie to work his QB development magic.
I wish Williams had been given a chance to show his abilities last season when it was apparent by September the season was over.

Wow this guy looks impressive, I predict he will be the starter this year!!!

Do you want to put a little wager on that?

I tried to find video clips of Maas, Rocky Butler.. but this was all i could find


It appears that Tim is suited for the CFL where the shotgun is THE formation. One question- car he run out of the pocket when receivers are well covered?

Yes hes raw but he looks good! Thats why you put him in as much as posiable to learn the ropes!

Yes and all it is is a highlight package, you can make any player look good if you edit together all their big plays. Just because you saw him throw a couple of nice passes and make a bunch of dump off screen passes does not make him Joe Montana.

I'd rather see what he did in an entire game instead of these silly things.

What part of these "silly things" are not worth paying attention to? Sure its highlights but he manages to shake himself free, and throw some pretty darned good passes. All players try to sell themselves with video clips.
Are you saying this guy is not worth taking a look at?
As for "see what he did in an entire game" ...I think the Tiger Cats have been burned already using that kind of thinking. The coaches need to work with the guy first before deciding if he has it. I think Chang might thrive on the Canadian game and deserves a good hard look.

It’s silly cause they are manipulative, they only show what he wants you to see, there’s no interceptions, over throws, sacks, fumbles etc, full drives. You can make Maas look like an allstar if you just showed clips from his one game against Edmonton. Also there are enough threads on this guy, enough already lol.

And Jack Armstrong, an old basketball coach say’s coaches get these tapes all the time, and you know what they do with them? they toss em in the garbage where they belong, cause they want to see full games, not highlights.

Look gang the bottom line is as mr62cats says...."deserves a good hard look".....and that applies to all QBs in camp, Maas, Butler, Williams, and Chang. Let the training camp~exhibition games give all four the chance to demonstrate their skills, and may the best man win. To suggest at this point who will and who will not be the starter is a mug's game (but hell, it's only March, we've gotta have something to speculate on, hey?).

I think Chang deserves a good look; so does Williams (he impressed me with his physical abilities the little I got to see him last year, so I think there's some potential there, something I, unlike many posters here, never saw in Eakin, who merely reminded me of a deer in the headlights); so does Butler, I've always thought he has great upside and whenever he was put into a starting role in Saskatchewan he acquitted himself well; at his age it's time to step up and show if he's starter material; and Maas also deserves serious consideration.

I know, I know, Maas was brutal last year (along with about 75% of the players on the team, remember), but please recall that Maas has been a starter in this league and rather effective; as well, he was pure gold coming off the bench in Edmonton's last Grey Cup run; let's face it the Eskimoes would not have even made it to the Grey Cup were it not for Maas' heroics coming in off the bench in the 2 western playoff games; let's face it, if Butler, Chang, or Williams won the starter's job, you could certainly do a lot worse than having Jason Maas as your #2 QB, as he has excelled in that role in the past, without complaining about not being the starter; that speaks to his character.

So let all four battle it out in training camp and exhibition games, and let the coaching staff pick the best combination for the season. I'll put trust in them to make the right call.

All we are saying is don't put his guy on
a pedstal, he has as many negatives as


GOTC: C'mon. Maas has been around for years. When he was given his chance as a starter last season it was painfully obvious he still is not ready to start.

Excuse me but Maas has plenty of experience as a starter...just because he played alongside Ricky Ray for all those years doesn't mean he didn't get a chance to start...While Ray was busy trying to crack the NY Jets lineup Mass led the Eskies to a Grey Cup (which Ricky came back and won for the team)

And now about Timmy Chang...sure hes a good guy to have on your roster for the future, but to assume an import QB can come in and start a full season and be successful his first year is ridiculous...Its odvious he will need a few years before hes ready to start...I would bet my top dollar Charlie Taafee has no intention of even putting this guy in a game before all else fails...(remember when Toronto signed Eric Crouch-they were reluctant to play him when Allen went down and he won a Heisman Trophy, so instead they played Michael Bishop who they knew had obligations to the Arena League but still played him knowing he gave them a better chance to win [which he did] due to experience)...So lets all stop this ridiculous Timmy Chang banter and put a little faith into our starter(s) Maas and Butler(because their the only two QB's on this roster I feel have the experience required to play successfully in a starters role)[/url]