Timmy Chang and 'Freakin' Eakin'

Loved it, loved it, loved it... but I've lived too long to go 'ga-ga' over one performance- especially in the pre-season.

Chang certainly earned himself more looks. I think that he'll get more support than Eakin did.

Just remember at this stage- Kevin looked like a worldbeater in his first major chance and the whole league thought he was the Ti-Cat QB of the future. (I still wish him well.)

Go Tim- prove that a cynical old guy's cautions aren't needed in your case.

Nate Curry made him look pretty damn good getting out of TIGHT coverage by Davin Bush of all people on that first throwing TD.

i think putting the drive together that lead to the nate curry TD is what made him stand out to me.and if u can remeber last season we could not get together a drive

Chang has seen WAY MORE fire in his college career than Kevin Eakin simply because of the "running? what's that?" approach of June Jones and Mouse Davis. I believe he has more serendipity in his tank -- improvisation -- and can make a lot out of broken plays.

Eakin has tools, but he was inconsistent while here. I think he can develop into a decent NFL QB with the right system and surrounding cast. I definitely think it is a project because he cannot tank it like he did at times in the CFl and stick down south.

Chang has all the tools. Time and work under Taaffe's guidance could really make him blossom.

Oski Wee Wee,

Eakin was too laid back. I question whether he ever wanted to be here, really. When he was told to be a backup, he didn't fuss about it. He seemed very disinterested in being a force to help the team win.

Chang, by comparison, seems very take-charge and leader-like. Unlike Eakin, I think Chang would be upset if he didn't know he was making headway to take over the starter's job.

Chang has a Maas-like intensity about him (the Maas in Edmonton).


"Now a member of the Hamilton Tigercats, Chang's says a big plus so far, is his familiarity with the system.

I'll be back in shot gun a lot more, it's a lot more spread offense, so the game is a lot more familiar with what we used to do in Hawaii and Saint Louis."

Ex-Warrior Timmy Chang Chases His Dream Beyond the Border


Timmy played well by all accounts last night and that bodes very well for us not just this year but maybe as the QB of the future. We know how injuries happen over the long season so having depth at the QB, something Winnipeg is still looking for from last night's game, should have all Ticat fans more optimistic.

One point in this thread to remember is the work of Charlie and Mike Working. I think we will see that have a good effect on Jason and Rocky also and would have benefitted Eakin when he was here to have coaches with a history developing and mentoring QBs.

Can't wait until next Friday's game.

Just I believe that we should have a moratorium on expansion threads, allow me to suggest that we also have a moratorium on threads dealing with Eakin. He's gone, get over it. You've got a good stable of QBs it seems to me, be happy and forget about Eakin.

MadJack- The thread was a caution about Chang using what happened with Eakin as a comparison. It's not about nostalgia for Eakin.

I suppose trying to spark a DMac vs Brady flame war would be completely out of line.


But a Danny Mac vs. Cody Ledbetter thread us NEEDED!

I feel the same way. It's still to soon to make
Timmy our HERO. If he shows consistancey in
a few more games he plays in I will be sold.