Timmy Chang A Possible Casey Printers?

Im just curious.

with the surprisingly good play by Jason as of late do you think Chang will stir things up behind closed doors & become a so called "cancer" in the locker room. We can't forget Chang has already once come out to the media & stated he wanted the job.


If the team keeps winning, where would the "Casey scenario" come in?

Picture this:

Chang: Coach, I could have won 50-22 tonight!


Please speculate on other more tangible aspects like when hot water will be featured in the Doug Brown Memorial Dressing Room. LOL

Every QB wants to start. Not just Chang. If he didn't want to, then I wouldn't want him on my team.

If he was "stirring it up" last night, it was by high fiving his teammates and applauding every TD. What's more, the entire bunch looked like a very cohesive team, and that was even before the scoreboard lit up. Timmy wil get his chance, one way or another. Look around the league, and you'll see second, and even third string quarterbacks have to be called upon sooner or later.

Chang's request to start only held weight when Maas wasn't playing well.