Timmis invited to Carolina minicamp

Mercer Timmis invited, attending Carolina Panthers rookie mini-camp

[b][i]Burlington, Ontario’s Mercer Timmis has accepted an invitation to Carolina Panthers rookie mini-camp, which takes place from May 13-15.

That comes on the heels of the Canadian playmaker being selected in the second round, 14th overall by Hamilton’s Tiger-Cats in the 2016 CFL Draft.

Carolina will be looking at Timmis as a running back when he gets to Charlotte. It’s the second NFL rookie mini-camp the six-foot-one, 208-pound offensive weapon will attend in as many weeks, Timmis went to New York Giants rookie mini-camp from May 6-8.[/i][/b]

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[b]Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost · 2h2 hours ago

Shades of @LindenGaydosh: get drafted, then go to Panthers mini-camp... will Timmis get signed, too? #CFL

I forgot when you draft a player in the Canadian draft there's a good chance you may not see them for a couple of years, if ever. Why we make such a big deal about the Canadian draft. :roll:

not to diminish the potential contributions of our draft pick Timmis but I would be shocked if he stayed in Carolina. If he was not a National he would not be in the conversation to be a starting back in the CFL at this point in his career.
RB is a tough position and good American RBs are very plentiful.

he may not stay in Carolina but he could very well be down south for a few years

im happy for him but it sucks

Ever think that perhaps the Panthers might just think he's good enough to compete for a spot on their team? In which case, maybe he does deserve to be in the conversation?

Obviously some NFL teams have seen his potential.
Look what happened with Giguere, he bounced around NFL practice squads for a couple of years.

I think we need a better system for the Canadian draft, like players wanting to try out for NFL teams Must declare their intentions before the draft that year (and we wish them the very best of luck) must wait for the following year to try for the Canadian draft. Then the Canadian team doesn't waste a draft pick on them that year. :cowboy:

They're attracted to his speed/size combo, just like Lumsden. The NFL culture goes crazy for anyone like that.

Oh now you are getting all logical on us. :smiley:

It does sound like an intriguing idea. Hopefully someone picks it up and runs for a TD. :wink:

Last day of Panther rookie minicamp underway

Or, as I have suggested before, add a second draft, two or three rounds, for those who have declared NFL interest. Eliminates the problem of wasted draft picks, but still allows the NFL-declared players to sign and play if they come back north after the NFL training camps.

Right... super fast... the NFL just can't find guys like Timmis.

If you compare Timmis' 40 yard time against all the running backs tested at this years' NFL combine, he would rank 20th out of 23.
At 8 reps, he ranks last of all running backs tested at both the NFL AND CFL combines in the bench press (upper body strength).
At 7.31 seconds, he ranks last of all the running backs tested at the NFL combine in the 3 cone drill (agility).
In other test results, he measures basically in the middle of the pack or below.

NFL running back (with pass blocking responsibilities)? I doubt it.

I also think that the NFL should respect OUR draft and stop inviting the CFL drafted players to tryouts. Could you imagine the uproar if a CFL team invited a top NFL draft pick for a tryout up here?

I suppose the other way to look at it is that, had he been playing in the NCAA, he's good enough that he would probably have earned an invitation to the NFL combine. Which in itself might have earned him interest from at least a few NFL teams.

Pretty much what's happened.

And how would that work exactly?
Do you expect a Canadian player or his agent to publicly “declare” interest in an opportunity to try out for the NFL knowing that the simple “declaration” will disqualify the player for that year’s CFL draft? Why should the player be subject to such a penalty simply because he is open to the possibility of playing at the pinnacle of his sport and reaping the huge financial rewards that come with it?
And what happens if the player “declares” and is disqualified from that year’s CFL draft and then subsequently does not receive an invitation to an NFL camp? Does he go to the team who “would have” or “may have” selected him in the CFL draft or does he just sit on the couch for a year?
Silly, impractical idea IMO.

So you would deny a CFL-drafted Canadian player the opportunity to maximize the rewards and prestige for his talent and hard work by cheating him of the opportunity to try out for an NFL team?
With ideas like that on this forum, you risk being labelled as an anti-Canadian, flag-burning traitor. :stuck_out_tongue:

Gee, I wonder why they even bothered to waste their time inviting him to their rookie Minicamp?
Is it any wonder why they only made it to the Superbowl last season with their inability to find talent!
Obviously they don't have your keen eye for talent. :roll:

Who knows? Maybe they'll try him at receiver.
Or maybe somebody with the Panthers owes Timmis' agent a favour. :slight_smile:

Maybe it could be that they came too close to winning a championship last season and they want to put an inferior product on the field. :roll: