Times Sure Have Changed

The most interesting news out of Bomberville on Friday, according to trusted colleague Jim Bender, is head coach Paul LaPolice won?t accompany the Bombers to Montreal on Saturday morning since his wife is about to give birth to their second child any day now. He is instead scheduled to take a flight on Saturday night and arrive at 11:30 ? as long as nothing happens on the home front. He could also take a 6 a.m. flight on Sunday morning and arrive in Montreal at 11:30 a.m. (kickoff is at 1:08 p.m.) if something happens on Saturday night.

And if the newest member of the LaPolice family decides he or she wants dad there to witness his or her arrival, then assistant coach Kavis Reed will be in control against the Alouettes and Jamie Barresi will call the plays.


I miss the days of the tough as nails coaches who wouldn't miss a game come hell or high water.

A birth of a child is a lifetime event.
Head Coaching the Bombers is a short term job as we’ve seen.

Only if your name is Kelly or Daley.

How’s Jim working out in Regina, lol.

It would be funny if the bombers played a great game and won in Montreal with Kavis Reed coaching.


You should know, Jordan. Bellefeuille has done better as HC than he ever did as OC, am I right?

.. I sure wouldn't miss that to coach a football game

Very true!!

Where`s his priorities :wink:

Kidding aside,this guy has managed to convince most fans and media,that somehow his 4 win season, perhaps 5 when all is said and done, is an improvement over last year??? There is zero reasonable arguments to come to those conclusions.

I think the more likely scenario is that LaPolice will be fired mid season 2011, after the rest of you finally see that the direction the team took in 2010 was a downgrade of 2009. But few people will actually admit that when the time comes, we will hear spin from you guys that will even embarrass hardened politicians.

Mac should be held accountable, because he was the guy that said he knew better than board members like Joe Poplowski(sp) etc. Mac was a mistake as well, both Mac and Police should get their walking papers

This team needed a complete overhaul, and it got one. President, GM, Coach(s), and players. Unlike the delusional few, I certainly didnt' expect this team to do better with all these changes. I also didn't expect the team to be as competitive as it's been. With more than a dozen rookie starters, and a rookie head coach this team lost most of it's games because of a few mental errors - RARELY DID THEY LOSE BY TALENT! Mental errors can be corrected, and they won't be rookies next year!

Don't get me wrong - if they don't produce a winning record next year I'll be very upset - but this year with all those changes, I'll cut them some slack. This is an improvement over last year - at least it is for me because I can finally see a positive future.

Plus - we have a nice improvement at QB :smiley: I never did like that guy - what was his name? Bishop :lol:

PLP will have plenty of time off to enjoy his new baby when the regular season ends and Joe Mack replaces PLP as head coach. The rebuilding continues.