Time to whine about the refs(NOW WITH PICS)

Man were they horrible last night

That first non call for interference. The defender grabbed Watkins shoulder and yanked him back....Then we had the other non call when the Als receiver got a helmet in the back while the ball was in the air.

Someone needs to tell the refs that is it only dribbling when it is kicked intentionally....if it bounces off a foot, its not dribbling.

The fumble that they Als almost lost but got back because of a penalty. The ball popped out when it hit the goal line....it clearly crossed the plain.

I will post some stills when I get a chance

The one that really bothered me was the non-PI call on Richardson in the red zone where the Bomber LB basically torpedoed him to the turf before the ball arrived. My jaw dropped when I realized there was no PI call on the play. Even Cuthbert and Suitor were shocked at the lack of a flag. The rest fell into the category of marginal officiating, and the Bombers were just as much the recipient of it as we were. Poor reffing for both teams.

And when have you ever seen 2 unnecessary roughness penalties on the same player for the same skirmish?

Particularly when the replay CLEARLY shows that a third Bomber enters the skirmish, which should have given Winnipeg a second UR penalty.

That whole sequence was a gong show, but Richardson should know better than to lose his temper like that. I want less trash-talking and pushing/shoving from Richardson and more concentration when he's catching the ball.

The one that really ticked me off was when they gave Winnipeg back the ball on that fumble. It was if the refs were
trying to find a way to give Winnipeg back the ball. I must have seen 3,000 scrambles for a loose ball in my life and I have NEVER seen a call like that. Absolutely brutal.

I guess you mean the dribble?

Like I said its not a dribble if it is accidental ANd even if it wasent, the guy who recovered was ahead of the kicker, but behind the ball when it was kicked.....I will post a pic later

Yeah I was also shocked by many calls, specially that 2nd unnecessary rughness on Richardson, the ref clearly made that up. Not so many calls against winnipeg, maybe that Cahoon catch on the sidelines... not sure it was good but that is one they could have challenged... also that face mask on Cobourne was a bit zealous.


They didnt have any timeouts left

Well I did not know you needed to have timeouts in the bank to challenge a call... Learn something every day... :smiley:

Yup because if you lose the challange, you lose a time out.
Mind you, the first is free, if you lose it you are not penalized, lose the second and you lose your time out.

I thought the dribbled ball was miscalled as well. The guys in the booth kept trying to show the replay, but the replay always stopped before I saw anything close to an intentionally kicked ball.

Here is the first non-call for PI. You can clearly see the defender grab the shoulder and pull him back from the ball


This is the second one....no explanation necessary


This is the dribble. Im not so sure it was deliberate, and if it was number 98 is behind the ball when it is kicked


Here in the fumble that was called back because of an offside, the ball is clearly over the plain


Finally Im posting this one because it is fun to watch


I like the oiuc where Cobourne hands are on the goal line and the TD was refused !

I was screaming at the TV set (46" Sharp Aquos) that it was good ....

They could have gone to the "Command Center" in T.O. if they were not sure....(leagues rules says they have to go to command center in the last 3 minutes)...it should be like that for any TD during game time.....

Once again Jake "The Snake" costs the Als a TD (just like the 2006 GC (Edwards & Cox),that's my story and I'm sticking to it !

That non called TD was ridiculous, if he was down before crossing it whyu the ref called the ball as a fumble, it clearly was over the line, that crew has been the worse this season.

Sorry, you blame Jake for this why?

Jake is in charge of the command center in T.O. on game day.

Any decision that can impact the score (even if it's not the last 3 minute of 2nd & 4th quarter), should be looked by him & comminicated to the game ref...that TD was good...even if it wasn't in the last 3 minutes, he must have the power to overturn the field ref calls !

I figured that was what you meant and I agree but it is up to the league to give Jake that power. Then again Trestman could have still challanged that the ball crossed the plain