Time to Vent – Edmonton vs. Ottawa Jul 21st

Heck… I’m a Renegades season ticket holder (2 seats directly behind visitor’s bench 6 rows from field) and have paid in full, earning this right to vent.

I’d appreciate if someone puts this forum thread into Tom Wright’s hands. This is information you won’t find in a newspaper, read on a sports website, hear or watch it on radio or TV.

  • I want all Eskie fans to know this…
  • I want all CFL fans to know this…


My mother did not raise any idiots… Football is an aggressive game and from time to time, players get hurt. My intention is not to ridicule true injury.

But last nights demonstration by Edmonton has got to be the biggest display of unsportsmanlike conduct I have ever seen and it all starts with Danny Maciocia, He has lowered himself and ripped a page out of Don Matthews’ book “how to use the system to win the game� by using his team to embellish injury so that Edmonton could control the pace of the game.

Surprisingly Mike Maurer (ex Gade) was injured 3 or 4 times last night (sorry I lost count), only to slowly walk back to the bench, get a pat on the back by medical staff, and then standup on the sideline to watch the game. This made sense to do this to give Edmonton some time for their D-line to take their time to get into position as Mike, playing special teams after kick-off/punt returns could provide Joe Montford an additional 3 to 5 minutes to get into position.

I was behind the bench watching Joe suck wind when coming off and going back on the field. High humidly is bad for these prairie players. Calgary had the brains to pack misting systems so the players could cool down on the bench. But the quick Ottawa game and the conditioning of eastern players overpowered Calgary.

This didn’t stop with Mike Maurer. There were others including (I believe) Randy Spencer (76), who fell ill a couple of times when the Gades reached the red zone, giving Ed’s D-Line time to rest and change up during the injury.

The TV breaks alone take the flow from a game. Adding these in didn’t help the Gades sustain play as the game would slow to a crawl halting momentum. Heck, I even heard a rumor that a ref left the field last night for a wiz. Game stopped waiting for the official to return.

If Eskimo fans are proud of the way their team played last night, they were not at the game behind their bench. True that if Pat Flemming (our punter) would have hit the 2 field goals he missed, Gades’ special-teams not giving up too many yards and Tompkins’ score didn’t happen, and Danny and the ref weren’t slowing down the game… Ottawa outscored Edmonton 19 to 7 in the second half… I’d say we would have beat Edmonton too. After all, we were 1 major and a 2-point convert away from OT with less than a minute left on the clock.

“Week 1� was an Edmonton killing on Ottawa. Montreal and Winnipeg (week 4) were close games that Edmonton didn’t and may not have won. Last night’s game was an indication that Edmonton isn’t as strong as their fans think. If Edmonton are proud of a team that plays like this, I won’t be watching the big game if they are in it or I will ensure that I put my full support behind the East come November. I’d sell my left nut to see Ottawa play Edmonton again on Nov 27th.

Oh Please!!!!!!!!!

I think maybe Jake Ireland was in on it too
Delayed the game for a pee break

Were you a Frank Clair last night?

NO I was not And I didnt have to be to know that that is the most redicilous thing I have ever heard

Sounds like a Al's fan defending Matthews?

Is that your argument?
Well you sure showed me didnt you :shock:

Buddy are you serious? Yeah and the Esks paid Ranek to fake a knee injury to give the Esks a break, oh and AJ GASS's second cousins , roomates , dry cleaners , ex nam vet buddy who works for tsn agreed to take TV timeouts in the Esks favor.. Your mother sure did raise a fool! i hope there arent more of you! The only thing not to be proud of was not the gades play, they did well, nor the Esks, but the SERIOUS LACK OF SUPPORT for the gades.

This isn't an argument... It’s an observation… I was 40 feet away watching this crap.

I'm simply pointing out that if Bettmen is trying to fix the NHL, the CFL could use a little work too.

First off, I'd like to see kickers get penalized for punting out of bounds. Keep the ball in play means excitement for returning including Landry. Sean Flemming purposely aimed for the sidelines last night numerous times meaning no or little returns by Ottawa.

So what does your obervation about me being an Als fan have to do with anything?

As for punting(nice way to change the subject) I have been sayin that for a long time but as long as its in the rule book, the punter is going to do it whether you whine about it or not. As the rule book stands its called stratigy

Hey... like I said in my post... "My intention is not to ridicule true injury."

I saw what I saw... Everyone around me saw what we seen.

As for support, I haven't missed a home game yet... I even watch your team on off nights.

For support, my tickets cost $68 each (2), parking is $10, my supper with friends totals usually around $100 and beer in the stands ($6 per) is usually around $30. I've invested about $900 in gades gear including the jersey they cut off of Kerry last season... I have it framed hanging in my living room.

I was at the Grey Cup (4 seats). Were you? I’m thinking very seriously on taking the trip in Nov… Are you?

What do you spend to support your team?

[quote="ro1313"]obervation about me being an Als fan have to do with?/quote]

Hmmm, not sure other than I may have hit a sore point discussing Matthews and his ways... Last season stealing signals in Ottawa... perhaps.


Surly these two have cross paths in Montreal.

Again, find something against the rule book and then complain about it

WHAT???? Rule Book? I'd like to sit down one day and rewrite it...
Did you happen to follow that URL I placed?

I've got a quote from it:

Last week, the Alouettes were accused of using video to steal signals for the second time in just more than a month. The allegation was made after security staff at Frank Clair Stadium in Ottawa removed a man with a video camera midway through the second quarter of the game between the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Ottawa Renegades last Thursday. The tape, which was confiscated, showed repetitive close-ups of Ottawa head coach Joe Paopao and assistant Gary Etcheverry as they signaled in plays.

Stadium security identified the camera operator as Serge Brotherton, the same person Winnipeg Blue Bombers assistant coach Less Browne claimed to have seen taping the Blue Bombers' bench during a game at Ottawa in July.

Brotherton, who is listed in the Als' media guide as an equipment volunteer, was apparently wearing a Renegades jersey last Thursday while sitting high in the north stands of the Ottawa stadium. According to security records, Brotherton, who was ejected from the stadium, said he had been taping games for years and was unaware of regulations preventing such a practice.

Moved da sticks

do you mean to tell me that you think it was not a fluke, but rather part of the plan to bring 8.... count them 8 defensive linemen? Something that was commented by the TSN commentators several times as something they have never seen done before. Come on.... I thought this was just incredibly convenient foresight on behalf of the coaching staff. :slight_smile:

faking injuries…football players do not fake injuries, they wanna be out there the whole game, playing for their team. humidity really does do that to you…cramps are really painful, i have them all the time, they only last a minute or so, but they hurt, and you’re fine when it stops hurting. what was said about faking injuries is complete BS…you wanna talk to the guys who walked off the field im sure they’d tell to shut the f**k up

i'm not gunna indulge into the subject, but danny maccocia does play dirty, i sorta agree with ur statments about the injury.. and he has no balls to go for it on third down and he alsois making sean punt all his punts out of bunds, maybe its screwing up his kicking. gah

Ok, its takes usually 48 hours prior to game time to properly hydrate yourself... Keeping yourself hydrated during the game is important along with the misters...

Funny that Calgary had them... Perhaps they have the intelligence to check the forecast in the east and prepare a couple of days prior... I find this important preparing for game time... Clearly Edmonton wasn't ready for the Ottawa weather.

I'll say this again...My intention is not to ridicule true injury. Week 5 is the week of injury… Look at the Gades last night loosing a few over the next 2 to 3 weeks and now we are in kicker troubles again. Lawrence Tynes were are you???

Oh yeah… special mention goes out to AJ Gass for his first-half academy performance drawing that unnecessary roughing penalty…

This is the most crazy argument I've heard in a long time.

I'd be inclined to agree with you if Edmonton did that routinely, but since they don't, I think it's more likely that Paopao spiked the Esks' Gatorade with a tranquilizer to slow down the defense, hence the injuries.

I've been watching sports for a very long time, and there are always lots of players going down with cramps in hot, humid weather.

Don't you recognize the fact that unless you are acclimatized to the kind of heat that Southern Ontario has had, muscles cramp up like crazy?

Me and my brother both have season tickets, we both have Esk jerseys, jackets and hats and drink more beer than we should lol, oh and the cheerleading calenders, and i bought a banner last week, no i wasnt at the grey cup last year, but yes we have 6 seats in BC for the one this year, me , my brother, and 4 friends are all going. I also am a member of the Esks fan club which you BUY a membership to get stickers,news, tickets, get togethers. We don't miss a game regardless of who plays. Much like you!! I love your support, i cant say anything bad about the people on these boards, you are supporting, but you must agree 18,000 does not cut it! It's not you my man, but get all your buddies and there buddies out to the games! Oh and our most prized possesion is a signed warren moon jersey that my father had. Doesnt take long to spend 900 bucks eh!

Yes and a complaint was made to the league who did what? Nuthing thats what because there is no rule against it. If there was then something would have been done dont you think. Its all part of the game. As a matter of fact watch a baseball game and you will see the catcher and pitcher with their gloves over their mouths so what they say cannot be seen on TV. Its all part of the game.