Time to Turn it Around!!

After reading a good story in the National Post on the lack-lustre CFL East Division this year, it's high time to turn our year around!

[url=http://sports.nationalpost.com/2014/08/25/cfl-east-has-never-been-glamorous-but-now-it-is-especially-poor-five-reasons-why-cfl-west-is-so-much-better/]http://sports.nationalpost.com/2014/08/ ... ch-better/[/url]

Let's turn this year around for the Cats on Labour Day against the Argo's and get this team winning again to start the second half of this CFL season. We have a good team, we have been competitive in every game so far this year and especially against the Western Teams, it's time to start the rebound on Winning again for the Tiger-Cats and it all starts on Labour Day. Stop beating ourselves with stupid penalties and lets play as a team and Ti-Cat Fans let's cheer on out team to victory, the East is our's for the taking!!

It all starts with Labour Day, Let's Eat The Argo's Raw, Tiger-Cats!!!

As much as I love your enthusiasm we have no QB. no running game (with RB) no O-line or D-line = no chance :oops: :cry:

We better listen to BIGCAT because no other fan has thought about this. Captain Obvious :smiley:

Another useless thread started by thus guy.

Like Kevin said on the " DRAGON'S DEN" on TV-- " WE ARE GOING TO GET STEPPED ON LIKE A COCKROCH"!!!!!!!!!

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Lennywasout it's nice to hear that you are So supportive of your team that you offer nothing to this thread but constant whining and complaining of other fans who offer good points and believe in their team.

Typical Liberal they just take everything they can get in life and not work one day for it!!!

I hear yah BC. we got to get something going. eventually Ottawa and Montreal will start winning games. (well maybe not Montreal lol)