Time To Turn It Around Is Now!!

I have posted quite a bit on here expressing my concern about the Bombers Player's and Coaches, the bottom line is this is the team we have this year and we need to accept that and hope for the best and a quick turnaround.

As it Stands the only change we are making this week is Berry will be listening in on The offensive play calling. To me this means that Cartwright is NOT doing his job and the Bomber Brass know it, finally.

I DO NOT expect any major changes this year and neither should any other BB fan, i agree alot with some opinions on here such as a 2 back system and rotating QB'S, but will it happen? maybe, maybe not.

THE BEST change this week will be at safety (Nugent Out and Logan In) i said Logan should have been there to begin with, Nugent has done ok BUT has also left the corners out to dry quite a bit. Amos and Johnson are good corners, mybe insert Samuels in at HB for a game and see what happens.

As far as the NFL cuts, i hope Taman is keeping a close eye on Defensive cuts and not offensive, i think our offense will be fine.

And as for OUR Defensive and Special teams LEADER of last year, Kyries Hebert, don't expect him back in a Bomber Uniform, the Bengals have said he is practically guaranteed a job, even if it's on the Practice/Reserve Roster ... BUT according to there bepth chart, Hebert sits at #2 out of 4.


12 Games Left and it's time to turn it around now or we will be looking at a long offseason once again in the PEG.

Wow, I realize that our defense could always be better, but they are leaps and bounds ahead of the offense right now, even with Simpson out.

The offense is pretty much dead last in every statistic, and you don't want Taman to be thinking about upgrades ?

The talent on offense may look good on paper, but other than Bryant, nobody has even looked close to being a game breaker or even capable of delivering a big play.

Our offense is so one dimensional it isn't even funny. JHC, this is Winnipeg, how can we not have running game ??? That is probably the most basic necessity of any offense that plays on the prairie.

My point is Taman should be looking at the play calling and the playbook (which is the same as last year) too predictable. thing is first, fire cartwright and make changes to the play calling. We have talent, and alot of talent, but with Cartwright calling the plays, the Talent is useless.

Bottom line is the coaching staff, even with all this talent DOES NOT know how to utilize this talent, as long as we keep the same play calling and playbook, this is going to be like the movie "Groundhog Day" over and over again.

How many times can we watch this horrific offense play like they are, game in and game out? This is not a comedy, but it is a horror movie, every week.

How does a team win, when it's so predictable? How does a team win when they can't put together more than 3 good drives a game? how does a team win when the play calling on 2nd and 8 is alway's a short 2 yard pass?

Like i said it's like a horror movie that keeps re-playing itself and we already know what happens.

Absolutely agree about the coaching.

Here's all you need to know about playcalling. Start the game the same as you did against Montreal hand off to Roberts and he goes outside for 13 yards. But instead of never running that play again like the Bombers did you run it 12 times in the first half then when they start creeping up to cover Roberts you throw it deep then when they strt backing up to cover the deep pass you hand it off to Roberts outside etc etc etc

Playcalling isn't as simple as that, but it is indeed puzzling that Cartwright went away from Roberts despite the fact that Roberts was having some success on the ground.