Time to transition to Harris

It' s now time to ALLOW Trevor Harris to take over the reins of starting QB for the Redblacks. I heard on TSN 1200 this morning that one of the options would be trading Harris. I think this would be a HUGE mistake. The future is here. We all love Hank and it was great that he stepped in when we needed him and won it for us. Time to let Harris shine, otherwise, we might lose him and when Henry blows out his knee, finger, arm, groin or whatever, because I guarantee you, it will happen again, after all he is going to be 42 years old, it's time to let Harris flourish, he's proven that he is worthy. Let's not lose our next great QB. Burris is not going to play forever.

That's TSN for you.

Harris has a contract and so does Burris and they BOTH contracts say the same thing ...............
2016 Burris no.1 Harris no.2
2017 Harris no.1 Burris no.2

IF Burris is able to play after getting his knee fixed then he will be waiting till Harris gets hurts or plays miserably bad.
IF Burris wants to be no.1 - IT WILL NOT BE in OTTAWA

and because of the knee Burris may just retire as a Grey Cup Champion! :thup:

I hope Burris returns as Harris' backup and does so gracefully.

It's not likely that Harris goes all 18 plus playoffs without missing any due to injury. Having Burris to step in when needed will ensure another east division title for Ottawa and a chance to play the big game at home in November.

So true

We just want him to go out as a Champion and honour his contract AS IT IS!!! :thup:

Totally agree. You need TWO good quarterbacks in the CFL. I hope that's how it will play itself out.

Burris has to realize one day he is going to wake up and has lost a some major steps and that Ottawa just can sit around and wait.

It's Harris' team now. Hopefully Ottawa signs him to a 3-year extension.

Looks like the RedBlacks want to make it his team too with offer of extension

[url=http://ottawacitizen.com/sports/football/redblacks-make-contract-extension-offer-to-quarterback-trevor-harris]http://ottawacitizen.com/sports/footbal ... vor-harris[/url]

Henry has finally got his broadcast job, CTV in the morning.

[url=http://www.ottawasun.com/2017/02/17/grey-cup-mvp-henry-burris-launches-broadcasting-career-in-ottawa]http://www.ottawasun.com/2017/02/17/gre ... -in-ottawa[/url]