Time to trade Doug Brown

The guy is no longer a dominant player and the defense looked good while he was nursing... He's still somewhat of a name and a NI. Maybe Wally can be convinced to move one of his QB's. We know Wally is dying to give Printer's a chance...

Not really...
Consider this: for the first three games, with Doug Brown being in one of them, the Bombers had tallied up only 4 sacks. But in Doug Browns second start (Against the Argos), the Bomber D got 3 sacks; almost twice what they had in the previous 3 games combined.

Brown is just recovering from his viral illness as well, dude lost like 15 pounds and was really sick. Even so, he still commands a double team most nights and that frees up space for everyone else.

........ :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: ...Doug Brown will never be traded....Too much value and besides he's too entrenched in the community....dream-on.. :lol:

Brown has been great and so has our defence,this year. Not to say that if the Bombers QB's keeps @#$% the bed, he may be dealt for a starting QB. You would have to give up somebody of a Doug Brown's calibre to ge a no. 1 QB.

yeah, it's easy to get five sacks in your first game back from an illness that caused you to lose 20 pounds.. in case you didn't notice, the defense finally got some pressure and allowed 19 points even though they were on the field for like 40 minutes.. there was nothing wrong with Brown, plus like papa says he's entrenched in the community.. trading Brown would be about the stupidest thing Kelly could do

...you're right bowler.....and that would include trading Doug for a guy like Pierce.....ain't gonna happen..Wally might like that deal....but the fans in the Peg sure as hell wouldn't... :roll:

That's all we need is to trade for a struggling QB. We have that market cornered with out Pierce.

Which BC QB are you referring to? Is it Buck Peirce? Has Wally let that guy complete ONE GAME this year? Or is it Jackson, the guy Wally seems to think isn't good enough to start a game for them this year? I watched the game on Friday night, both looked bad, hard to pick which one was worse.

And if you're thinking Doug Brown for Buck Pierce straight up is a fair deal, you're either making a joke are you are completely out to lunch! Doug Brown was about 20 lbs lighter and was in his first game back after suffering from Menningitis when he played Hamilton, and while he may not have had huge sack numbers in that guy I don't recall Hamilton running through the middle extremely successfully....or at all. As mentioned, Doug Brown is a pain for offensive lines. You almost always have to double team him, which means Donnie Smith, Fred Perry and Gavin Walls all get 1 on 1. Do you think there's a reason why Donnie Smith had 2 or 3 sacks on Friday? It's cause the centre and guard have to block Doug, the tackle has to take the end, that left Smith with a 1 on 1 matchup in the gap. The other thing you can do is if the guards and center are all tied up blocking Smith and Brown, you can send Barrin up the middle on a blitz, and at that point you'd need a back to block him...if that happens, all Perry or Walls have to do is beat their guy outside and they get a clear path to the QB...and this all stems from Doug Brown demanding the double team.

But this happens all the time, last year we were supposed to trade Milt Stegall people said. Knee jerk roster moves don't work, period.

…our d is NOT a problem …you don’t mess with it…I remember last year when we couldn’t pic our nose never mind a football…and i believe we’re leading the league in pics this year…or close to it…We’re not allowing many pts. scored against…The opposition is NOT running all over the place on us…The d is certainly doing its job…the offence…not so much :lol:

How many sacks does Brown have this year? Exactly. I'm not impressed. If you can get something for him in a trade, I'd do it.

...that's why you're just a poster and not a qualified football coach....Brown is getting stronger every game after his menengitis....When we face you guys again he should be a 100 percent....and ready to lay some serious hurt on ya... :rockin:
...even at 95%....the opposition still has to double-team him...... :lol:

Well.. it's common knowledge to most football fans, but Brown isn't such a dominant player because he gets himself sacks.. it's because he gets the rest of the D-line sacks by forcing the other team to double team him.. by the way, try playing D-line for the first time in a month after losing 15 pounds to meningitis. I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's probably not that easy.

Could be Jarius Jackson, Adrian Mcpherson, Jyles…

Anyway at this point the Bombers have a bunch of options. Bishop, Banks, Printers, Crandell who’s coaching.

This is a truly ignorant comment. How many sacks did the D-Line have in Week 1 or Week 2? Week 3 was Doug's first game and he was 20 lbs under weight. Week 4 he had regained a lot of his strength and weight, and he had one sack (or at least near sack) when Kerry Joseph shifted to the side to avoid being destroyed. But his impact isn't in his numbers alone, but had that just been some other DT playing beside Donnie Smith, do you think he'd have been able to find the room to break free for 3 sacks?

As mentioned before, it's the fact that when Doug Brown is in the game, every other D-Linemen gets 1 on 1 blocking, OR the offense is forced to keep backs in the backfield to block, reducing the number of elligible receivers to throw to. Moves like trading Doug Brown are the reason why your Ti-Cats went through like 7 years of being basement dwellers until Obie came along to fix things.

This is the funniest thread I've seen in a long time :smiley:
I think all the others that truely understand the Blue & Gold know this will never happen, and have explained it well enough already. This guy is still the best in the league on the D Line, he's a Canadian, and likes to be in Winnipeg. If Kelly got rid of him, he's likely to lose 10k - 15k paying fans in a heartbeat!

I agree,trading Brown would be a mistake. But the price of getting a star QB in the CFL ,you would have to part with some talent from your roster. Unless Brown for Burris ! LOL ,I think wpg would part with Brown . Back to reality: Kelly has the defence in place, just needs to get the offence going ! What's the CFL record for most games with out a offensive TD ? I think we are closing in on that one !

All those double teams. Poor baby. Maybe Santa will bring him a sack for Christmas.

yeah. I'm sure that's his main priority, getting sacks. Maybe you have a D-line full of selfish players, I don't know.. but Brown hogs up double teams, beats them anyway once in a while, and doesn't really care that he doesn't get 20 sacks a year.

Brown would be the first to say "he doesn't care about sacks"! 2 interceptions, no sacks - Mission Accomplished. The "D's" interception record is a direct result of pass rush! It's all the same!

I think Brown relishes in the double teams! Gives his mates more room. He is the ultimate team player!