Time to talk some SMACK

I would think BC has to be the favorite to win it all this year. The only team that I see being able to out talent the Lions is the Argos and their season will hinge on the health of DA. Also, if the Lions dont go with Printers as their main man this season I think it would be a mistake, I truly believe Printers is better than Dickenson.

Now Mtl could still come out of the East and be there at the end but only if DA is out. As for the West it is going to take a major upset for anyone to knock off the Lions but it could happen.

So, it looks like BC vs either TO or Mtl in the cup, and I look for BC and Printers to get it down at home.

what makes you think Damon Alen is gonna get hurt, and if he does, what makes you think hes not gonna come back? like he always does.

I’m surprised how many people think the Argos will be East winners.
Last years Grey Cup was really just being a hot team at the right time. I don’t really think they’re all that great, especially the offence.

SonnyWade, I agree. Their D is great, but their offence is average at best. I don’t see them winning the East this year. Calgary is going to underachieve this year as well, as high expectations for signing some big name players won’t be met.

Yeah, that’s a point I also wanted to make. Sure the Argos were impressive in the playoffs, but I remember them being mocked all season because their offence couldn’t put points up on the board. I think Noel Prefontaine was last year high scorer in Toronto.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see them work better together this year than in 2004, but they still need to prove that. And I really wonder if John Avery will stay as brutal as he was last year.

Ckermont signs a 2 year extension plus an option with the Lions! WOOP!

yeah third and ten, for most teams the kickers are the high score people

Yes, Having Clermont around will be good! Do you know what most people don’t notice about him? Away from the ball, he lays on some vicious blocks. I saw a couple last year when Simon caught a few passes, Jason laid on some good ones! 3 years…More stability.

In my opinion Clermont is the best all around reciever in the league… Simon is a better rout/catch reciever but he doesn’t have the same strength… Even Cahoon and all those Alouettes players dont hold a candle to Clermont in strength, speed, and agility

i think your overrating him, but he does sound like a young terry vaughn…just taller, and more overrated

mabe its just that im a Lios fan and i dont get much news or highlights over here… stupid sportsnet pacific overrates all vancouver teams… and i cant stand recievers who dont or cant take or give a hit

i cant respect any player who cant take a hit…when you step on that field you better get ready to get hit, no matter where you are…and if you wanna cry about that, then you’re in the wrong league.

i agree completly… football is a contact sport and ive seen some players who should be curling or some crap like that

Hey Eskies32001, How come you don’t like Vaughn? I always thought when you needed that 10 yard catch for a 1st down, he was sort of…Mr. Clutch.

i love vaughn, he’s my second favourite player, when did i ever say i didnt like him?

he always go up the middle, is never afraid to make a catch, always fights for extra yards, always consistent, everything you want in a slot back.

everything except that he plays for the Esks and not the Lions. jk… the Esks are one of the best teams in the league, i just think its too bad that Ricky Ray went to the NFL

Eskimos32001, Your quote on page two was:

i think your overrating him, but he does sound like a young terry vaughn…just taller, and more overrated…
you made a reference to Vaughn being overated… Did I read that wrong? I mean I do have an excuse…This print is so darn small I have to squint when I’m on here…

i meant he plays like vaughn…meaning he’s a tough SB who hits hard…except he’s overrated, and not as proven as terry is.

go to view, and increase text size…only works of on internet explorer

I did…I’m on maximum now.

Just wait till you get to my old age!

Clermont is actually underrated in my opinion. Not even half the things he does on the football field get noticed and get the sort of recognition they deserve. He’s a receiver any team would kill to have, and the Lions are fortunate to have him locked up for the long haul. I seriously think us getting the new Field Turf at BC Place makes the Lions an even more attractive destination for players to come. Now we can bank on more than the fact that we have a great team and a beautiful city,.