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Just thought I’d start a thread on Grey Cup predictions. I truly believe my BC Lions have what it takes to play in the big game under the Dome. The Lions have arguably the best offense in the league, and an improved defense. Hopefully we’ll continue to increase our home attendance. Who wouldn’t want to come see this team win it all at the Grey Cup in Vancouver?

Go Lions! P.S., I think our biggest threat in the West are the Edmonton Eskimos.

I trley believe that the Riders are gonna get it. I have very valid reasons for this, If you want to know them just ask, but I have offered them up before and I odn’t want to repeat myself

Stop lying to yourselves kids. Its time you face the truth and admit to yourselves that the Als are the best thing since fryed chicken and will win the Grey cup.And this year is different we wont choke in the playoffs…56-13 over the Lions in the grey cup game is my prediction.

Thiefo, cut back to two cups of coffee.

I also am an Als fans, but I think our 2005 roster is of a lesser quality than that of 2004. We still have a playoff team, but not as dominant as last year.

Not to mention, seldom do we beat the Lions and never do we do it on their field, which is where the Grey Cup is played this year. The Als have as many chances to win the cup as the other top six clubs, but it wouldn’t be a blowout unless the other finalist had to field its team B.

meowkittiesmeow, your biggest threat this year is going to be a implosive QB controversy and keeping a defense healthy, I’d be more worried about that then an Edmonton squad who has talent but is being coached by a cast of vaudeville actors straight out of a Mack Sennett film.

well put RoarLionsRoar

Nice board … and prety good ‘smack’ too!

This year Regimbald’s phoney TD won’t benefit the Stumpers … maybe the Bummers?

I do not know BC fans if I recall those Stampeders with no offense beat you guys last year and I believe that too be twice ( one the ref’s admitted giving one game to the Lions). I hope you guys continue thinking that so when you lose again and again from a much imporved Stampeder team this will be like icing on the cake. The Eskies are being coached by RD Lancaster for the Offense, and DM has head coach that is enough said. If anything the Stamps and Riders may be the teams you should fear.

The West this year is going to be an interesting one. Your going to have the Lions in first in the West with the other four teams competing for 2nd place and I don’t expect there to be any more of a difference of 2 or three games separating these four teams in the West.

The east is slightly more predictable, Als will win the east, even though they have lost a lot of talent this year, Argos next, provided that Allen stays healthy for more than half of the year, the TiCats next, again provided that Danny Mac stays healthly and if the O-line plays like they did last year, I can’t see any reason why he won’t stay healthy. And the Gades bringing up the rear.

Lions will make the cup, Riders, Eskies, and Gades won’t make the playoffs, but I have a feeling that Hamilton may be the team to make it to the cup in the east. But I still think that the Lions will win the cup. All provided that the QB’s stay healthy late next season for the Lions.

And for any of you that believe that Printers is better than DD as a QB, you are sadly mistaken.

here’s my predictions…per team

montreal: some new faces, but a good enough coaching to pull them together to get 1st or 2nd in the East.

ottawa: a real surprise, not exceptional, but better than most people think, and setting themselves up to be an average team, worthy of playoffs every few years.

toronto; not the same offense but enough defense to propel them into a contest with montreal and hamilton.

hamilton: emerging into a good team, and finshing off what will be a extremely competitive east division.

calgary: a disappointment, its hard to keep up with the expectations of their fans, but if at all, creeping into the playoffs.

winnipeg: a bottom feeder, a new caching staff, and some frsh faces will hard to bring together to come up with somethnig productive.

bc: definite playoffs: not as good as last year, but productive, only meeting expections of a few lion fans. but home turf grey cup wil push them for a little extra, and may be grey cup material.

edmonton: a QB controversy could push the team both ways, but the defense and experienced WR core may keep them in check for a grey cup run.

saskatchewan: promising talent, but a under-acheiving coaching staff will keep them meeting their full potential, and as a result, maybe playoffs/maybe not.

i’m about 700 miles away from there.

Thats alright Esk, there is lots here in Saskatoon, give me a call, I’ll set u up

o…i know there is plenty

"According to the Vancouver Province, the B.C. Lions will announce the signings three import players - defensive lineman Frank Ferrara and receivers Herb Haygood and Zack Fletcher.

Ferrara played four seasons with the New York Giants, while Haygood and Fletcher were both cut on the same day last year by the Kansas City Chiefs."

All I have to say about this is that the rich get richer. Buono and Ackles are doing an unbelievable job recruiting players for the Lions. Ladies and gentelmen, the BC Lions are simply a class organization in every sense of the word.

where are the bomber faithful?
No one is saying the blue will win but me…thats ok ill get the last laugh n e way

If the bombers win the Grey Cup, or finish first in the West after the regular season for that matter, I will donate $50 in your name to the charity of your choice.

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rougefort, does that sound like a good deal to you?

Did you notice that Jason Clermont is ready to sign a 3 year deal. There was a rumour he was home sick and would be traded to the Riders, but this 3 year deal will qwash that rumour!

Sportsmen, didn’t Clermont sign a 2 year contract extension with the Lions just after last season finished? I am pretty sure I remember him refusing the NFL and signing with the Lions for 2 more but am I wrong?