Time To Take A Closer Look At certain Player's

3 weeks into a season and i am already questioning some player's abilities, heart etc. but to correct this situation it is best to take a look at some player's that are just not cutting it and player's that should see more playing time.

Donald Brown Jr. ---- Has been getting burnt every single play when he is on the field, why are we still playing this guy?
Brock Ralph ---- Dropping very makable catches, scared to make a play and take a hit, time to rethink his roster spot!!
Kent ---- Has promise, but doesn't appear to be ready for starting job, dumb penalties!!
Reid ---- Has shown flashes of the back we know he is, still a slow start, why have we not seen Bernard? I thought they were a dangerous 1-2 punch, time to put in a 2 back play like Sask has done with Charles and Cates.

Hope Suber is back sooner than later, maybe take a look at Beasley as well, need some change on defense!!

Want to trade Ralph for Bauman?
At least Ralph has done something in his career :lol:
And you’d be getting a hometown boy

dont agree with reid. he hasnt really had the carries.

8 carries 84 yards.. thats ok in my books.

and 15: id take that deal in a second.

bauman still has some upside and can catch the ball.

but i dont think ralph straight up for bauman is a fair deal even cuz i think we'd be lucky to get a late round pick for brock right now.

Ya, I'm surprised Bernard hasn't been seen yet when u look at how the position was run in Sask last year - Cates, Szarka, and Stu Foord all getting a few touches, either running or receiving.

The defensive backfield I figured woulda been a work in progress with all the players let go last year. It hasn't helped this year to have so many players get dinged up back there already. A lot of new faces and changes every week doesn't help the cause. The regulars need some time to play together, just hasn't happened yet. Not that changes aren't needed back there, but its hard to really evaluate them as we haven't seen the starters that won their jobs in TC play together as a unit since game 1.

losing craver for 9 weeks hurts us, he was a solid yet unspectacular db.

logan and suber going down certainly didnt help either.

heres a question tho about donald brown jr.

seems to me he's beat ALL THE TIME...

also looks like when getting beat he's playing cb.

isnt that what jovon and glovers position is?

why is donald brown jr playing what appears to be jovon or glovers position?

[url=http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports/football/bombers/first-and-goal-98729344.html]http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports ... 29344.html[/url]

check out the FYI section

reid doesnt look that bad at all.

29 carries or so 209 yards...

thats a pretty huge avg per run.

No way would i trade Bauman for Ralph, Bauman at least catches whats thrown to him.

As for Reid, he is still a great runningback IMO. Try establishing the run, with Jyles starting this week i would give Reid about 15 carries to keep Ricky Ray off the field and open up the passing game for Jyles a little bit.

You mean those twice-yearly special occasions when he runs a good enough route to get open?

If Bauman weren't Canadian, he wouldn't be playing football in this league.

Donald Brown Jr. was brought in because of the injuries in the secondary. I heard that Glover was limping after the Hamilton game so Brown may have been in for him at times.

Willie Byrd is on our practice roster...funny the Bombers have not signed him given how thin they are, and that he's played there before.

Logan & Suber are short term injuries, so I wouldn't expect an airlift in the secondary any time soon.

Ralph & Bowman could play themselves off the team if they keep it up.

Same goes for the LB'ers.

The oline will be interesting once Donnelly is back from injury, not sure which way they go there, with Fritz & Donnelly both deserving some playing time.

All in all though, a few veterans should be worried, which is what you want to see.

Didn't Morley play some tackle last season? Maybe move Morley to tackle in place of Douglas and put either Fritz or Donnelly in at guard?

I have to admit that the defense is banged up and projected starters are already sidelined (Logan, Suber, Craver) but there replacements have been less than impressive, even starters are really pushing there luck out there .... No secret that i am not a Donald Brown Jr. Fan, there is a reason he was not named starter and in fact was cut once by Lapo/Mack and co. wonder why? :roll:

Ike Charlton may be showing signs of age, missed tackles galore as a LB is never good!!

Adarius Bowman looks nothing like the Bowman of 2009 ---- lazy speed, easy dropped/missed passes, we know he can be better!!

Donnelly is a starter and Fritz should be a starter, when will the coaches realize this? Morley has been less than impressive and some pretty dumb penalties as well!!

Mike at EP and OB keeps track of drops and other stats. He said that Bowman has had 2 drops. Edwards has had 5. Bowman has played well. He's made some good catches and has laid out some nice blocks.

As for defense, Suber practiced today. Haven't heard anything about Craver being injured or missing practice. The decision on Logan will be made later this week. Here's a link to the media scrum from after practice today:

I agree with Bowman...not sure why so many people are saying he's dropping so many passes. If anything, he needs to work on getting some separation.

Suber did practice today...Craver was MIA...

Craver tore up his knee, he's done for the season.

And Bowman has a whopping 8 catches for 116 yards in 3 games of which 5 for 76 yards came in game 2. He's been next to invisible so far. Last game he pitched a shut out. Just saying we need him to be a force most nights not just when he feels like it.

Right!! I got "vers" mixed up. Was thinking Glover, not Craver. D'OH!

LOL...I wondered that...

Then GLOver was indeed practicing... :smiley: