Time to Support Brian Melo for Canadian Idol!!

To whom it may concern,

I'm hoping some bigwig upstairs reads this....especially bob. Basically I'm wondering why our hometown football organization is not supporting Brian Melo who is currently in the Top 9 of CTV's Canadian Idol.

This is a huge achievement for two reasons. One, he beat 10,000 others to get this far. And Two, he is the first person from Hamilton to ever make it this far. I understand some people were posting 'Vote for Brian Melo' signs at the last game, and the signs were taken down by stadium staff.

Phone calls have been made, but obviously they've been made to the wrong people. Brian Melo supports the team, don't you think it's time for the organization to support another hometown hopeful???

If anyone in the organization reads this please message me private and I can set you up with a contact close to him. Thanks.


What position does he play?

This site really needs an off-topic section.

Please tell me this thread is a joke..

You must be a relative

These kind of shows are whats wrong with TV today.

Its like everyone wants to watch cheesy stuff these days..

We agree!


Jed Clampett
Arnold Ziffel
Barney Fife
Herman Munster
Uncle Fester


Don't know the guy, don't watch the show... but shouldn't someone be selected on the basis of talent and not their hometown?

9th place on Canadian Idol?
Have you heard some of these guys? ouch!

Yes, time to kill that show.

But what about "Dancing with the stars" Canadian version, - we could have Sheila Copps dancing with Ben Mulroney.

we could have Sheila Copps dancing with Ben Mulroney.

Mike, have pity. I just finished my breakfast. I don't need visual images like that one.

You must be kidding?! Take out an ad in the Spectator.

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What do you want the team to do for him?

Is this the thread on which I vote for CFL fan idol?

If so,

My vote is for, 25 cent week old hot dog.

Sure, I'll vote for him. Is he on the ballot in October, what riding?

But did Brian buy a stag ticket for that Box J guy???

Did you guys watch the finale of Canada's Next Top Model last night? It was awesome!


the decay of society

Dammit I forgot that was on. Who won?? :wink:

You people are a tough crowd. I've seen him perform and he's not the best singer, but he's not too bad. It's nice to see a local kid go so far.

well typed :slight_smile:

Melo Yellow

Re: Top Model

Sorry I missed it, again, but according to the news the girl who won was working as a meat packer. From that to "Queen of the Runway" only in Canada you say? Mindless Abyss of TV