Time To Step Up Ti-Cats!!!!

Today's the day Ti-Cats to step up and get a Win Against the Al's, never mind all the talk in Montreal about 50-0 blowouts in favor of La Belle Provance, it's time to Step Up and Put Anthony Calvillo on his arse (who cares if we take him out of the game or not, take him out period) just hit him and hit him hard, play with a vengeance because it's a good day to get some revenge from the last thrashing we took at home.

Let's get back on track and start with a Win in Montreal, Eat Em Raw TIGER-CATS!!!!!!

I second that!!!!! Big bounce back time to fight threw some adversity and some coaching mistakes .... We can do this and we can really put ourselfs back on the radar real quick with a BIG WIN today ......and a lost from the peg wouldn't hurt ..

My attitude going into this game is that Hamilton is due for a good game and Montreal is due for a bad one.