Time to start talking smack

Well I for one am tired of all of the other talk about CBA, Rules, Schedules, etc. I am ready for some football. While all of the other stuff is important, any debate about it is now moot. I would like to hear from others why you believe your team is going 18 - 0 enroute to a GC victory. I would like to hear your opinions why the other teams are mere speed-bumps in the season.

I will go first. TC has only opened today so I don't have a really good grasp on my Riders yet. I am pleased with the receivers they have at camp. Our O-line appears to be improved from last year (couldn't be much worse). We have Morrow as the heir apparent for RB but that is still wide open. I have always been a Fajardo fan and think he will bounce back to 2019 form (he has the receivers to do it if he can be kept upright long enough to find them. He has a lot longer to get onto the same playbook page than last year.
I am confident that I will get to watch them win the GC at home this year. Feels a lot like 2013 to me.


Its too bad Andrew Harris isnt in Winnipeg. Talking about his PEDs was always good


I am going to smack anyone who dares to not agree with me


I pity the fool who doesn’t watch the CFL.


I pity all fools :slight_smile:


That's the spirit Narles. Sounds like you're rarin' to go.

For the record I don't want to watch my Bombers finish 18-0. We almost did that last year and it rendered our final four games immaterial. What a yawnfest that was. I'd much rather go into each game with a little uncertainty as to how things are going to pan out. It's more entertaining that way.

Which teams are "speed-bumps" this year? Hopefully none of them but it's probably going to be a slow start for last year's bottom three. They've done a great job of upgrading their rosters I'm sure but these guys will need to play together for a while before they can be expected to compete with the likes of last year's playoff contenders.

In the East I see a total slugfest happening between Hamilton, Toronto and Montreal early on.

In the West it's business as usual with Winnipeg starting out as the team to beat. Calgary and Saskatchewan are much improved over last year's injury riddled bunch but... will they be good enough to beat O'Shea's juggernaut or will they have to wait until something breaks?

I dunno yet. That's the fun part.


I will predict that Calgary and Winnipeg both miss the western playoffs.

Edmonton and BC fight hard for first place. The Riders win in the playoffs and lose the Grey Cup at home to the Eastern team, Montreal.

Vernon Adams Jr. is league MOP and Grey Cup MOP.

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I disagree . . . . .


In the West I believe that Winnipeg are the deserved favourites until another team gives us reason to think otherwise. I have Sask second. Calgary and Edmonton fight it out for third. BC definitely brings up the rear. Not sure how you can say otherwise when they lost Mike Reilly and replaced him with an unproven QB. Edmonton and Ottawa obviously both improved but the jury will still be out until we see how they actually come together on the field. I think Calgary is treading water at best as compared to last year.

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I will wait to see how camp goes . . .but you missed Ottawa in your east comments - and if they gel . .lookout!

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Mom told me "if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all." :grin:

Sorry about that.

(Ahem) IMHO after Ottawa gets whupped in weeks one and two by Winnipeg... Lapo's guys will settle down like pros and work their way back to respectability. It'll all come down to work, work, work and gellin' like fellons. Masoli takes the first few games to get up to speed anyway so don't expect Ottawa to start kicking a** until Week 4 when they take their pent up anger to BC and demolish the Lions. It could get ugly. After that the Red Black and Bruisers will roll into Saskatchewan in Week 5 and throw a scare into the Riders. I don't know if they'll win or not but we'll all get to see how far they've progressed.

That is a gooder response.

The cabbage eating beaver made me do it.

Then there is this.... Nice new jersey's. Brought in some local high school guys for the intro too. Looks a lot like the five in a row era...hope they live up to it.
It won't be hard to improve over last years debacle....

For a minute there I thought you were hoping for 'five in a row' of last year's debacle. :grin:

I see that the word “Elks” is prominently displayed on the new uniforms. Hopefully we have heard the last of that criticism. It’s the name of a sports team not English class. Redblack isn’t a word either.

Nope, more of a Al Davis thing - Just Win Baby.....

It wasn't the players per say that were the problem last year but whats showing up now is the lack of discipline the players had from coaches.

Pretty sure the new coach won't put up with that stuff for long. Wilder mentioned something about it but no interview with the coach in the update for the first time.

Can anyone say wind sprints today....

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I kind of figured it wasn't self abuse that you were into. Not that I'm against that sort of thing...


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Not that kind of discipline....but close....and there is no safety word. Just take them for a nice run in the river valley for a trip or two up and down some stairs....really helps guys remember they don't want to visit what police recruits call "puke hill" again.


Hey... we could use a staircase like that here in WInnipeg to scale Garbage Hill!