Time to Start looking at Nominees for Player Awards!

theres only one name for rookie of the year:

Jonathon Hefney!

yeah he's had a few good weeks but he's no where near "improved" I fear he'll be the demise of the Bombers, assuming they make the playoffs!

Winnipeg's Alexa Serna should get it.. hes' had a really good year, compared to 2008!

now I bet few of you thought of that one, hey?

Fair enough, I'm just glad that someone agree with me about having a MIP award.

to be honest, I haven't seen enough CFL to know the full picture, and I picked Bishop cuz how he has turned the bombers around.

I'd say Whitlock and Stamps helped their cases tonight for Rookie and MOP. Whitlock has over 100 yards and a TD, and Stamps is closing in on 150 yards. At the very least, Stamps will take the receiving yard title.

can’t say I recall the last time a 4th place team had a player win MOP…

Actually their numbers are very close in the rushing category, Whitlock has better receiving numbers and more TD’s.

Well, tonight's game should end the talk about who should get Rookie of the Year. It should go to Arkee Whitlock hands down!

He leads Mallett in total yards (1,293-1,240), touchdowns (12-6), 100-yard games (4-2), and average yards/carry (6.1-5.8 ).

The only category Mallett leads in is fumbles (2-5), but Whitlock hasn't fumbled the ball in his last 7 games, and he's only fumbled once in his last 9.