Time to Start looking at Nominees for Player Awards!


so we are near the end of the season and it's time to start looking at who should be the nominees for the Player awards.


West - Jermaine Copeland
East - Anthony Calvillo

Outstanding Canadian

West - Rob Bagg
East - Ben Cahoon

Outstanding Defensive Player

West - Stevie Baggs
East - John Bowman

Outstanding Lineman

West - Jeremy O'Day
East - Josh Bourke

Outstanding Rookie

West - Martell Mallett
East - DeAndra Cobb

Outstanding Special teams Player

West - Burke Dales
East - Larry Taylor

if I missed one, let me know.

Well there's two changes I've highlighted. . .

What's O'Day done this year ? Bourke was hurt this year and the last two games he's been ordinary. The best linesman in the East and the league is Flory again this year.

cflisthebest, you must be an Alouette fan. Every one of your categories has an Al option. Nothing wrong with that- As such a fan I would like to see the team get it all too!

I would put Jovon Johnson for Special Teams Player of the Year. And I agree with Jonathan Hefney as Rookie of the Year. I think DB is a more difficult position for a raw rookie to play compared to a RB.

I have to give some more thought to the other categories.

We wish he was an Als fan. Although most of the choices aren't that bad....

I'd pick Reynolds over Copeland, but an argument can be made for either.

Barron Myles will get some consideration for Western D player of the year. 37 and leading the league in picks ain't too shabby. Otherwise, take your pick from Baggs, Chick or what's-his-name that replaced Wake in BC. Although getting torched against the run by Hamilton (twice), Calgary and Winnipeg (one for the ages) won't help his cause.

Tsoumpas from Calgary is a stud lineman. If he were a tackle and not a guard I'd say he's a lock. Henry's been pretty well protected and Reynolds is the league's #1 rusher - and he's the best of that group, which is good enough for me. Given how the Riders have run blocked this year, none of them are worthy of consideration, although Geno may be a sentimental choice for some.

Not a great year for Canadians in the West...Bagg's numbers aren't great, but he plays tough and has a few highlight reel catches to his credit that will score some points. I'm struggling to think of another Canadian with a larger impact that's not just a different Sask receiver.


West - Joffrey Reynolds
East - Anthony Calvillo

Outstanding Canadian

West - Paris Jackson
East - Ben Cahoon

Outstanding Defensive Player

West - Stevie Baggs
East - Anwar Stewart

Outstanding Lineman

West - Gene Makowsky (this is a hard one to pick)
East - Scott Flory

Outstanding Rookie

West - Martell Mallett
East - DeAndra Cobb

Outstanding Special teams Player

West - Sandro Deangelis (woulda picked Armstead if he had been there the entire season)
East - Jovon Johnson

ya Rob Baggs may not have quite as many yards as Jackson or Cahoon..

but he's had more big catches for huge yards.. and does have More TD's than any of those 2..

he had to step up for Dressler and he has..

Bagg has a shot if he has a big couple of weeks. He doesn't have the numbers to beat out Jackson right now even though his average yards per catch are right there. Fantuz could also have a shot as top Canadian if he has a couple of great weeks, which he is definitely capable of.

What about Jesse Lumsden for top Canadian... ...oh, that's right.

And post of the season goes to............
LOL love it.

There’s still time for him to make it back. Remember, he is NOT injury prone.


MOP = East - Adam Rita or Troy Westwood
West- Paul McCallum or Dave Dickenson

In all seriousness, I think Arkee Whitlock should get consideration for rookie.

Think about it: After his disastrous start in Montreal in Week 2, how many people expected him to still be on the roster for Week 3? I sure as hell didn't... and I even criticized the guys in charge for keeping him.

But he's managed to put that game behind him. He has 1,014 yards (6th), 9 TDs (3rd), and a 5.8 average (T-3rd among active RB). He also hasn't missed a single game since joining the team in Week 2. Not bad for a rookie.

Oh, and he's only fumbled the ball once in his last 7 games.

He'll likely be the Eskimo's nominee, I don't think he'll beat out Mallett though who has better numbers and has been consistently good all season.

This man knows his stuff. Whitlock has improved but I'm still surprised he made it through the first few weeks.

Just so every one is aware Deandra Cobb is not eligible for Rookie because he has dressed for a regular season NFL game. Marquay McDaniel is a good alternate (Over 2,000 combined yards this year). And yes I stole this from the Hamilton Spectator this morning.

I wish the CFL would have a Most Improved Player award, and if I had to pick a player, I have to give it to Micheal Bishop.

His numbers are pretty comparable to last year, maybe even worse. He's employed by a team, so I guess that counts for something. Jermaine Copeland, Dave Stala or Kevin Glenn are much more worthy IMO.

Micheal Bishop:

SSK/TOR 2008: 160/274 - 58% - 2550 yards - 10 TDs 13 INTs
Winnipeg 2009: 188/357 -52.7% - 2768 yards - 13 TDs 17 INTs

I think a Most Improved Player award is a good idea, but Michael Bishop is just as inconsistent as he was last year so I don't see a lot of improvement there.