Time To Start Hring More Canadian Coaches and GM's

IN my opinion, the CFL should start looking for more CAnadians to fill GM and head coaching positions in the CFL.

Because when you rely on people from other countries, you get whats happened recently. They eventually go home. And if Austin is successful down there, you will see more US schools stealing CFL coaches.

Also by relying on foreigners to run the league, you don't give any CAnadians the chance to develop into good CFL coaches and GM's.

The CFL has to increase the CAnadian content in these positions. They may not have the experience, but looking at Wally Buono and Danny Micocia, they can develop into great coaches.

And Canadians wont feel the urge of going back to ole Hillbilly U the way these Aemricans do.

I was thinking that as well. I have heard Wally Buono has turned down opportunities in the past in the US. Maybe it was because he didn't want to leave Canada, or the money wasn't a whole lot more. However if he was from the States and he was going home, it would probably make a difference.

Hate to disagree. I pay my $600.00 a year for season tickets. I want the best team on the field. I want the best GM and best coach to put together that team. I don't want some guy from the University of Outback BC running my team.

However, the Lions have a program that develop coaches. At training camp, a lot of High School and Community coaches are invited as guest coaches. I was told that two of those coaches (I think one is in Winnipeg)have gone through this program and have ended up in the CFL 10 years later.

Thats cool Sportsmen

Ti-Cats had Greg Marshall and he was a good choice. He was a lil too emotional on the field but he has the know how to coach a CFL team but he was thrown under the bus of an organization that wanted a quick fix...he should be still coaching in the CFL today.

Canadians should be more regularly considered..but they have to earn it..

I think we are kidding our selves if we honestly believe that just because a coach is Canadian that will prevent him from doing what Austin did if given the chance...

Austin would not have left if it was not his alma mater..most canadian coaches, if any, didn't play college ball so that chances of that happening are very slim. There is always a risk of coaches leaving but this was a unique situation for Kent. You can't assume that will happen to every coach that wins the Grey Cup. Comparing apples to oranges..

Lots of good coaches in Canada, The myth that some promote even on this site, (Anyone from ncaa is better,Players ,coaches , cheerleaders, etc.)=-IMo cant figure it out. But What austin did to the Riders and the CFL was and is a disgrace. I was at the 94 grey Cup and , Cheered when Austin got Pounded out of the game, He was not a team player then and still aint.The more Canadians running the CFL and Playing in the CFL the better

I think you hire the best coaches and GMs available to you, regardless of whether they are American or Canadian.

If someone wants to hire someone because of where they were born and snub a more qualified and better person, then they can enjoy the basement.

Would also likely open the door to Canadian QB’s finally getting a shot in the CFL.