Time to start going to the games!!

I think, after 3.5 years, I may go to the game on Friday. When the team is down, this is the time to support the team. All we need is few few pieces, (Pass rush and O-Line) and this team is a force to be reckond with.

All we need is few few pieces, (Pass rush and O-Line) and this team is a force to be reckond with.
Other than at RB and kicking, the cats have question marks at just about every position. Poor pass coverage, inexperience at LB, Both lines, the worst receiving corps in the league, and remarkably enough at QB, have added up to a 2-9 record.

You wanna get better?

First you gotta admit that you aren't very good.

Get rid of the those who don't figure in your plans...Printers,Jesse, Miles, NML,who have some market value and get talent in return. As much as you may like these guys, they haven't helped the Cats win.

You know I was musing about this situation with my son the other night. It has really been a tough couple of years but I think a little perspective is necessary.

In the last couple of years we have sadly lost two players to death in the off-seasons. We have had our first round picks suffer broken leg and season ending shoulder surgeries. We have also had our picks wind up on N.F.L. practics rosters. We have had our starting running back go through injury after injury and we had complete turnovers of our front office and coaching staffs more than once.

You know, I think its very difficult for any of us let alone our management and players, owner to take the long view and I grant that perhaps this is vitually impossible for a sports team but even after loosing Friday night I see signs of better results coming.

Sorry, to disappoint some but I would be trying to resign Casey Printers not trying to trade him. I would be looking to get help on both lines but I would definitely not be blowing up this team again.

With the exception in my mind of the season opener and the game against B.C. we have been very competitive in my view.

It is a very fine line (often about a yard or two - see are games against Sask.Toronto) between winning and loosing and I think we must learn to finish off an opponent which we have obviously not done (see last week.

Last Friday night was a real heartbreaker but when we begin to win those types of games and I believe we will both two or three perhaps even four times more this season and many more times next season, it will taste that much sweeter.

So hang in there everyone and if you can,go and cheer the team on. I would and I mean this will all sincerity rather have a competitive and even often a loosing team then no team at all.

After 40 years of cheering the team on, I am not about to quit now.

Go Cats go!!

I always go and will continue to go even though I honestly don't enjoy it anymore. I've loved football for as long as I can remember, but it's too difficult to watch. I find myself just wishing the game would end.

I watched the BC game on TV from Edmonton and it was just awful to see. I feel for the players who go out there week after week and give it their best only to be disappointed. They have my full support.

You are right Ron but then the GM goes and throws away a bonafide starter and fan favourite. Or they hire police officers to search women's purses for that very dangerous second water bottle or Mikey that the 3 seventeen year olds bring in cause they can't buy a beer.

They got to stop urinating on their fans heads. Yeah business is business so the fans are responding in kind IMO