Time to start developing a new Quarterback.

As much as i like Smilin' Hank, the RedBlacks need to start developing a young QB to take over as soon as possible. I would trade Burris for a young guy who has a lot of potential and let him develop. Who knows, maybe we already have someone ? One thing for sure, if Burris keeps taking all the snaps, it is certain that no one else will be developing. Maybe the plan was to let DeMarco take over at this point, who knows. We haven't seen enough of any one to really tell. Personally, I think the RedBlacks really blew it when they drafted Glen instead of someone like Willy, Bo Levi-Mitchel or Drew Tate. I would not have signed Burris to a 3 year contract. i would have given him 1 year at the most. :expressionless:

I think Burris will be this franchise's Pinball Clemons. I think he'll stick around and besically be an ambassador type.

As far as pulling him, I do nothing until the team is mathematically eliminated, I do nothing.

There is logic in the suggestion, especially for an expansion team.

But the Rouge et Noir seem paranoid about the "expansion" label, and may feel that it would be viewed as throwing in the towel. DeMarco had two previous years in the CFL, and roughly six net games equivalency last year (191 pass attempts using about 30/game as a guesstimate). Turning to him could be sold as taking the next step with a young QB rather than throwing a CFL rookie (O'Brien) into the fray or turning to a "never was" like Elliot who effectively didn't even play last season.

Elliott a "Never was " ?

He won player of the week twice.

De Marco never has.

Lots of PoW winners never amount/amounted to anything. Not saying all, or even most but those awards are an example of a small sample size proving nothing nothing in the larger context. Good/great players reach that level for a body of work, not the beingt he occasional flavour of the week.

And I agree with that.

But to call Elliott a 'never was' is, in my mind, unfair, especially when comparing him to deMarco or O'Brien.

I was surprised to hear Desjardins saying on the radio that Burris is to be the QB for this year (logical) and next year which, surprised me. What is the team going to do in year 3 ? Stick with Burris or start over with a new QB ? Burris will be 41 or 42 by that time. He can't run now, which really affects the abilty of the offence to be explosive because he is not mobile at all. He is not going to get any faster.He can't buy himself more time because of his inabillty to scramble. That was painfully obvious last Friday night vs. the Als. We need a QB that can run to buy more time and give the offence more options.

It might be a little much to say that he's not mobile at all. Let's look at his touchdowns against Saskatchewan for evidence to the contrary.

I think if they sit him down now, they're sending the wrong message. You can't say that you're fighting hard every week then bench your QB to give someone else experience. You might as well announce that you're starting the 2015 pre-season now.

But next year I would hope to see one of the younger guys start to get in there, similar to what Hamilton did with Lefevour (sp?). Even Burris knows he's on limited time. Make it known right at the start of the season so there's nothing extra read into it and no bruised feelings. All part of the master plan.

It might be a slight exaggeration to make a point, but at least DeMarco and O'Brien are still "could be's".

Burris wants to leave the league as a winner. The last few games we are starting to see what this team can do when they can give the QB some protection and open up the holes for the Running back.
Burris is going to be more determined next year but I won't be surprised that they will start to ease in DiMarco and O'brien if the offense starts to falter.
Looks like the team has improved a lot on the "O" line, the receivers are catching the balls, the new running back is doing a tremendous job. The only area that needs improvement is probably the return game but that's not a problem.

If the Rouge et Noir don't start to transition to a younger QB next season they will come to their 3rd/4th season with a mature roster and an unknown at QB.

It was not a bad plan to start with a veteran this season, rather than possibly ruining a young QB, but Burris is unlikely to the the QB once they have completed building a roster they really want (likely the 3rd or 4th season).

Going on the assumption that Hank was signed for two years (correct me if I am wrong).

Most logical to me is give Hank the rest of the year to see what they really have as a team and then start introducing Demarco or whoever gradually in next year. Like Burris or not, he still is the best chance right now to keep the fans rolling in and creating excitement in years 1 and 2. Ideally, imho, he becomes QB coach/mentor into yrs 3 and 4.

3 years.

Receivers who actually catch the ball is what the Redblacks need.


btw ... just to note that after this weekend's games Ottawa is doing the impossible!!!
Who would have thought they would be in SECOND place in the East in Mid-October?

Tied for First are:Tor 6-8 12 points
Ham 6-8 12 points
Mon 6-8 12 points

Ottawa in second with 2 wins and 4 points :lol:

With nothing more to play for, playing one of the younger guys is easily justified. I don’t think you’d get quite the same amount of backlash as you might have if the team was still mathematically in it (no matter how remote that chance was).

I didn’t see Saturday’s game. I accidently found out the result before being able to watch it. When I found out, I didn’t bother, but I did check the stats. It doesn’t look as though O’Brien looked any good either and I really don’t know what they see in that guy, to tell the truth. I’d be open to seeing Elliott start at least the first half and giving Carder a chance to play as well depending on how the game goes. May as well have a 6-game 2015 pre-season.

People are still paying for their tickets. The Redblacks owes it to the paying fans to put the best product on the field they can and that is starting Burris IMO.

I personally agree with that, but he's having a lot of the blame directed towards him. There's a segment that doesn't seem to believe that Burris is our "best chance guy", though I can't know how big that segement is. They may just be vocal.

Veteran Henry Burris is still No. 1 on the Ottawa Redblacks’ depth chart at quarterback, but rookie backup Danny O’Brien is going to play some against the Montreal Alouettes.

Redblacks head coach Rick Campbell said Monday that O’Brien would probably play series in each of the four quarters of the Canadian Football League expansion team’s next game at TD Place stadium on Friday night.

[url=http://ottawacitizen.com/sports/football/cfl/redblacks-slotting-backup-qb-danny-obrien-for-duty-against-alouettes]http://ottawacitizen.com/sports/footbal ... -alouettes[/url]

Now a huge fan of the guy, to tell you the truth, but I can understand the move. Oh, and there's always a small, small chance that I'm full of crap. :stuck_out_tongue:

The RB's have another QB on their PR, Alex Carder who was ranked 15th best in the NCAA coming out of Western Michigan 2012. Dan O'Brien was ranked 45th. But I don't think we're going to see Carder this year.