Time To Stand Up and Be Counted

As soon as he heard that Trestman was leaving, Anthony Calvillo declared that he didn’t give a seconds thought to retirement.
Really Anthony?
When Trestman found Calvillo he was on the precipice…and almost everyone in town was ready to push him over.
Trestman’s offence was a remarkable fit for the lead-footed gun-slinger.
History was made.

And now…with the future at our doorstep
Everything is turmoil and chaos
God only knows what direction the fate of this team will take
After two less-than-successful campaigns in a row
Anthony Calvillo at 40+ and counting
Spent most of last year mimicking a one armed bandit
Won’t give a seconds thought to retirement!

So…whoever takes the helm of this teetering ship
Will be saddled with the daunting task
Of creating an offence which
For the last 2 seasons was primarily and increasingly concerned
With keeping Calvillo from getting knocked on his can.
Double tights = booooooooooooring

Forget the running game
(Last year was appalling)
Ignore ANYTHING that might require some athleticism from the position
(unless you can work a kungfu move in somewhere)

Let’s hobble whoever takes over this team
Fatalistically insist that he lead us down this path
With the operative word here being “DOWN?

No doubt Adrian McPhersons agent is working feverishly to get his client settled
In ANY other CFL situation.
But with any luck…Trestman’s greatest legacy will have been
An almost total lack of film
From which other teams can judge his abilities.

I wouldn’t want to lock the (no longer) young man
Into another several years of limbo
But if I’m reading the tea leaves right
The Boo birds that “gentil alouetted? Calvillo after yet another
Lackluster playoff FAIL last year.
Will be singing a spirited chorus before too long.

I once begged Adrian McPherson to stay in Montreal.
I’ve come to regret it.
He was NEVER going to get effective playing time under Trestman
Wrong coach, wrong system, wrong situation.

But I see a glimmer of hope here
An opportunity for a full-on reset
With a new and exciting quarterback
Brimming with potential, knowledge and talent
Someone around whom a new Head Coach could arguably build a winning team
For years to come.

Either that or,
“Get out the hammer Ma…old Bessie’s thrown a shoe again?

So maybe it’s time to stand up and be counted
At the very least…Anthony Calvillo is not the ideal quarterback
For what will essentially be a new team
[A] new direction

I call on anyone who cares to voice their concerns
Before it’s too late
And everything resets in stone
And that stone tightens around our necks
“glub glub”


It's the End of an Era

The End of the Trestman Era
Is the End of the Calvillo Era

We all know this
Although I suspect some here will be even more reluctant to admit it
Than Calvillo himself

ANY new coach
With AC as pivot
Will be forced to attempt to recreate
What Trestman did with this offence
A "lesser" Trestman experience
If you will

No choice
Trestman constructed this offence (in part)
To use Calvillo's flaws and strengths
As a potent weapon
To various degrees of success

It's been my contention that great defences in this league
Have consistently preyed on AC's singular inability to handle pressure
Most especially at key junctures of important games
And that has been his (and our) achilles heel
5 Grey Cup losses

I'll give Trestman this:
He made some mighty fine lemonade

But even Marc Trestman couldn't take a one-armed lemon
With kungfu action
And turn it into anything more than a fruitfly swarm

Crux of the biscuit:
Fans, management, players of this team
Cannot afford right now to slumber in deep-winter stasis
Comfort themselves with passing-yardage candycanes
And glories-past puddin'

It's time for BIG CHANGES
And it's time for all of us to wake up

Anthony Calvillo must have a death-wish

Well...not a death-wish exactly
Is there a name for the instinct that draws moths to their ultimate doom?
Destiny maybe....

In the beginning of his career
AC played for the Ticats
His efforts were so poorly received
He was essentially booooooed out of town
run out of town on a rail
tar and feathers optional

He never recovered from that psychological trauma
for proof you might want to check his record at Ivor Wynne....yikes!
It's been my contention that THAT experience
Has been at the root of his under-performance in Big Games
Choking is a learned behaviour.

It's only now
After he's won every award....sewn up every record
That it's time to ask:
Why does he go on?
What exactly IS he playing for?

We can only hope he's not playing to even his Grey Cup legacy
'Cause that ain't EVER gonna happen AC.
And if he's pulling a Favre
Playing for the paycheck
I think this city deserves better than that

As usual...I have a theory
That trauma of being vilified and rejected in Hamilton
That's followed him throughout his career
Has set AC on a path or destiny
That will only be fulfilled once he's playing so badly
That he gets (metaphorically) tarred and feathered
Run out of town on a rail
tar and feathers optional

Completing the circle

The seed of that thought has been growing in my mind
Over the last few years
As grumblings have continued to grow
But really only took shape
At the end of last year's failed post-season event
As 50,000+ paying fans
Let out a collective shudder of discontent
Yes...and there were booos.

I can't help wondering why Calvillo goes on
When the ONLY possible outcome
Is the inevitable degradation of his skills health and immobility
Force him to retreat in disgrace
The story morphing from:
WunderAlteMench amazes all
Calvillo haunted by the ghost of Ivor Wynne

The worst fate of all
Is to be caught in your own nightmare


No, the worst fate of all is to be obsessed with an average QB.

You can't blame the guy providing for his family for showing up to work every day. If you want to blame someone for this mess. Its Brutus and Cassius you should take your aim at IMO.

Wrong HfxTC. … let’s face it, anything that goes wrong, in his world, is all AC’s fault.

Defence craps the bed? It’s AC’s fault.

Special teams crap the bed? It’s AC’s fault.

Heck, global warming is probably AC’s fault too.

I admire AC for coming back. Can you imagine the situation if you would add his departure to the current mess ? But then they would label him a quitter probably.

Senior: Coach Trestman's departure represents a loss for our team. We won two Grey Cups and, were were contenders in the other years of his tenure. Despite those of us who posted on this site that we would have liked to have the team run more often and, believed that McPherson should have had more game action, Trestman was a very definite winner. He called for the short passing game and Calvillo delivered. I believe that the offensive's teams injuries disrupted this pattern last season, yet, but for a dropped pass, in the opponent's end zone last season, our team would have once again been playing for the Grey Cup. Without doubt Calvillo earned his spurs and,was the league's all star QB for a generation, setting passing records future QBs that will be difficult to emulate. Kudos to this duo who brought success to our favorite team.

The movements of the past couple of weeks have been stressful but, the selection and hiring of a new head coach will begin the process of regeneration. We enter this new season with some very skilled players and a GM who has a proven record of bringing such to our team. I do believe we will again be a contending team this year. We do have areas for concern in the coming season. Special teams, in particular we require a competent kick/punt specialist and, the need for help in the defensive line represent challenges. With McPherson leaving, one just hopes that we will have no more of the Ted Whites that misplayed such a position until McPherson arrived on the scene. McPherson was the best number two QB ever and, ourselves , and others, regret that he was not able to develop the great skill that he demonstrated in his early years. It will be interesting to follow McPherson's career in the years to come. Certainly we all wish him well just as we all hope AC's health remains solid. Should this happen, I expect Calvillo should have another good season.

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