Time to speculate on Rich Stubler......

Will he come to Hamilton as DC?
I also wonder how much Obie knew about Stubler's situation at yesterday's newser.

It will be an interesting off-season, despite the recent shenanigans. Stubler may yet wind up back in Steeltown as a DC.
Time will tell.

Oski Wee Wee,

After the past couple of days, the thought of Stubler coming here and the Cats getting an ok defence next year is what I'm focusing on. I can't think there will be any way that Creehan stays on next year.


Russ: Yeah...but can we wait until the off-season? Should we get him now for the DC's job so we can put up a better fight in the latter part of this season?

Stubler was here before. Not sure of the year
I like his style - and his intenscity (sp) and how the players respond to his leadership.