Time to SHELF SIMON and BRUCE for the season-

One thing has become very apparent on this LIons team- There is an EMBARASSMENT of RICHES in the receiving department-

Now the starters that we had all season long was not putting up good numbers and scores-- Now we can all have our theories to as why but to me it is very obvious why--

The Lions have some young and upcoming receivers that need to be in the LINEUP= They are HUNGRY and are playmakers--

  • COURTNEY TAYLOR-- Watch the catch he made in the endzone early in the game which was called back on penalty- I have not seen anyone in the entire CFL make a leaping catch in traffic like that-- He also made many more catches- He looks really big and fast and also hungry with sure hands--

NICK MOORE- Okay his brother is in the NFL and on the SAINTS and is DREW BREES security possession receiver-- Nick Moore runs good routes- He is not explosive but is very deceptive and is a good route runner- He is also very smart and intelligent on how to set up a defender---

ERNEST JACKSON- another beast physically- He can run right through defenders-- He catches every thing thrown at him--

SEAN GORE- SURPRISE SURPRISE -- GORE CATCHES more than his 2 usual passes a game when MR HOG SIMON is out of the lineup-- GORE was a prime target and once again all 5 receivers are targets on every play-- Not the usual SIMON SIMON SIMON SIMON SIMON bs that we have witnesses this season--

These 3 players are much better than what SIMON and BRUCE can bring us with older tired legs-- Saying they are experienced doesent matter when you cant beat your man-- All these youngsters are beating their men and catching the ball--

The reason I think the LIONS would not WIN the GREY CUP this season was because of a play in TORONTO earlier this season-

THey were at the 5 yard line of TORONTO and they isolated MR SIMON who runs a quick slant and is wide open and he gets hit and SURPRISE the ball comes flying out again of his hands and he recovers it for a TD-- They wanted to give him some record on the play so they tried to feed him a CHEAP 5 yard TD-- It was ridiculous that they would try such a silly thing--

MR SIMON how many other TDS have you scored this season? How many hamstring issues are you having?

Its time to cut SIMON and BRUCE and go with the youngsters-- You simply cannot bench NICK MOORE and TAYLOR at this point-- LULAY has better chemistry with both of these guys because they are both 10 years younger than SIMON and BRUCE and are faster and better route runners--

SIMON you have had a good career but its time to retire and let the youngsters take over-

I liken this situation to the CANUCKS with LUONGO and SHNEIDER-- SHNEIDER was clearly better but the CANUCKS felt obilgated to play LUONGO despite the fact that he was terrible---

I hope the LIONS dont make the same mistake and start the same old GEROY drop on first down, GEROY giving up on deep ball on 2nd, GEROY bitching at the refs for no calls, GEROY dropping the ball on slighest contact, I really hope we dont regress back to that-- RIght now we are running a smooth offense- You cant key on any of our receivers unlike when LULAY is either told or is obligated to throw at least 60 percent of pass plays to MR COCKY SUPERMAN who is living on past accomplishments and is clearly washed up at this point in his career---

No doubt about Moore, Gore, Taylor and E. Jackson. They proved it last again and they've proved in in the past that these guys are the real deal. These guys are sensational to watch. I have to go along with a lot of what you're saying about Geroy, Gridiron. it will be interesting to see what happens when he returns back into the line-up. I'll reserve judgement on Bruce. Between Bruce and Simon I'll pick Arland. I still see some mileage left in this guy. I find that no matter how hard he gets hit he still manages to catch the ball. I also find that he is able to gain yards after catching the ball.

I hear what you are saying. You are worried that guys who can get the job done will be benched to make room for a crowd pleaser who has lost some of his shine. I have to admit that when Geroy is playing he is being tossed the ball a disproportionate number of times given that he is slowing down. This has been at the expense of putting the Lions in better field position and possibly scoring.

The bottom line is that age is as you say catching up with Geroy. Geroy has been a sensational receiver and has the credentials to back it up but emphasis is on the "has been". I do not believe Geroy is washed up in the CFL but I do believe he is no longer the go to guy, especially in clutch plays, as fars as the Lions should be concerned. He can still do some damage. Let's hope that the coaching staff make the right decisions when Geroy returns the line-up. As far as Arland Bruce is concerned I wouldn't hesitate getting the ball to him- and often.

Typical over-the-top reactionary post from GG, but I DO agree that it may be getting close for Simon and/or Bruce to be given less priority - if they want to stick around and contribute for less $ like Paris Jackson that might be a way to go. On the other hand, Simon and Bruce are still excellent weapons - Geroy in particular has the smarts to do things that the younger guys don't do (not that they can't). Gore is showing that sorta level of smarts in his game now too.

Given their veteran status and the salary cap, you can't release either of them or afford to absord the salary on the one-game injury list and I don't think anyone would believe it if you put them on the 9-game. For this season, they have to move them back on the active when they can and put the extra guys back on the PR to avoid cap trouble. Next season could see some interesting moves on the receiver front though, I'm sure.

Dont start with me on the Luongo/Schneider debate.. :twisted:

" Next season could see some interesting moves on the receiver front though, I’m sure."…by robsawatsky

I think you’re right about that. Just a response to your comment about Geroy having the smarts. He certainly has the game experience and the smarts but execution is a different manner. If those smarts do not translate into gained yardage on the play then he could be a genius and it would not matter. I can’t comment about the other guys and their smarts [or lack of] compared to Simon but they are producing and producing in a big way. We can’t dispute that. This is the second straight and very convincing win that the Lions have pulled off without the services of Geroy. I think Gridiron makes a valid point about how much Simon gets the ball tossed his way when he’s in the line-up. And that may in fact be hurting the Lions more than they want to admit. I don’t think Geroy is a liability and the reason why the Lions lose when he’s in the line-up but he is relied upon too much and it is not necessary.

As far as salary caps etc. are concerned I don’t know what the solution is there. However, the way the Lions are playing of late I do not see it a liability with Simon out of the line-up. I must say I do miss Arland Bruce.

Personally, I think the Lions could win it all with the line-up they have had in the last two games.

Aren't you overreacting just a bit? Simon and Bruce are proven, seasoned vets who can carry the load for 18 games plus post season. Moore has dressed for maybe six to eight game and Taylor has only been on the active roster a few times. Eventually the people who are closest to Simon and Bruce, the receiver's coach and offensive coordinator will decide whether one or both have lost enough ability to consider being replaced. Ditto for Bruce, which will happened a couple years later. But these vet serve another purpose: they are examples for the younger guys to emulate. They set high standards for their work habits during the week (practicing hard, film study, lifting wrights), the way they treat other teammates and their work with charities, visiting sick kids, etc. That rubs off on the younger guys. Also, at this stage of their careers, Bruce and Simon are like tow receivers coaches on the field. Why would you want to blow that up for a couple of talented but inexperienced young players?

You also misinterpret Simon's role in the offense. He's no longer the deep threat that can out run corners and halfbacks. Now he's more of a possession receiver, the way Ben Cahoon turned into later in his career.

I do agree with one thing: Moore and Taylor are younger, faster and more hungry. And they both run good routes. But don't you think Bruce and Simon have been doing some extra coaching for the new guys? They aren't just standing on the sidelines looking lost. I. And at what point did trying to get the rock to Simon become a liability to you? Get some perspective man.

Dooger in Surrey

Always a level head and clear thinking Dooger. Agreed.

I say give Simon and Bruce sufficient time to heal then unleash them during the playoffs. Tell me that players as competitive as they won't be the hungriest on the field when its all on the line.

Those young receivers are up and coming but when it comes to the playoffs and Grey Cup Simon and Bruce give the Lions experience that can only be gained by having a long career. There is going to be a changing of the guards at receiver for BC in the near future but not during playoff time. Gore is particularly intriging being a NI. Remenber he made it to the final cuts in the NFL in his rookie season before coming to BC. I think that he is a free agent at the end of this season and he may have a lot of options NFL and CFL. He is primed to become a teams #1 receiver in the CFL and playing the slot makes him an intriguing NFL prospect as a third or 4th receiver at a much higher salary of 390K a standard rookies salary for NFL players. I am quite sure that the Lions would match anything that a CFL team may offer him but can not compete when it comes to the NFL.

So Grid what do you have do say about McCallum after last night? The way I saw it was Geroy was the only one holding on to the ball, now McCallum he couldn't kick past 20 yards let alone do a proper on side kick or squib more than, oh what was it 7 yards? The Wendys kick for a million guy kicked further than that, and he was from Calgary so he'd be used to the cold.I know Paul has got a few clinch wins but dude you are just not getting it done. I've been a loyal Lion fan for more than 30 years and read all these forums, last years was priceless with the Nina/Sybil/Tyrone stuff btw, but unfortunately living on the island makes it hard to be there live for the big game support but I watch every game with my "paw print" cap on even if it is from my couch. The game last night was sad to watch, and every time they show Chapdelaine my wife says" There's that coach you hate" . There's a reason Reilly got sacked so many times and thats bad offensive calling, making him hold onto the ball too long for those 2 and out long bombs, everyone knows what he's going to call , even my wife, and on the odd time they run the ball she pokes fun and says "look a running play". Now its too late in the season to "bench" McCallum and Chapdelaine, but next season seriously its time to hang up the cleats and get a new kicker and fire the OC . The highlight of the night (as much as i hate Calgary) was when Corey Mace got the touchdown, I 'm a close friend of his dad and remember Corey running around my backyard in his diapers as a 2 year old, now he's 300 lbs!

McCallum definetely did not look like he wanted to be there out in the cold but he wont have to worry about that for the rest of the season with the next two being inside at BC place and the possible grey cup indoors at Rogers centre. Not too many of the Lions looked like they wanted to be there.
McCallums back up Hugh O'Neill has been on the 9 game IR for 2 seasons that would have been a heck of the way for him to break into the CFL. The release of Kierre Johnson and with O'Neill being the only one on the 9 game IR they probable could have got him onto the roster under the cap. The last thing they would have needed was for the 40 yr old kicker to get hurt in the cold slick conditions