Time to send Tee to oblivion

He was given 3 chances, 3 flat out failures.This guy couldn't find a receiver if beyond five yards, and then would miss. By Tee.

Glenn still has to prove himself though. Game against the ALs was CHARLIE!

4 Quaterbacks?? Bye Tee, we looked forward to seeing you but now we look forward to saying goodbye.

I think later in the season we should give tthe third string guy a chance. You remember him. The guy who had a pretty good pre-season but is yet to do anything yet.

Martin aint’ going anywhere and its kinda ticking me off. Cuz he just doesn’t seem to be learning the game fast enough. Michna learned the game very quickly and Wynn has the CFl experience that the other two don’t.

Yup, this QB thing will never go away that's for sure. Not with all the QBs we have.

Well, with Khari now signed with the Ticats, Wynn is probably next on the ‘available QB’ list - a few more weeks and there should be a trade in the making.