Time to scoop Vince

Reliable sources tell me that with Avery not able the play this week, the Argos have put out a call for Barry Sanders.

More details to follow...


No No No, my reliable sources tell me that the Ti-Cats are dressing Ron Lancaster as QB for the Labour day classic, and flying in George Reed to carry the ball.

Big Dave I want to change my picks..... :wink:

.... off topic...my reliable sources...say a Van. radio station is saying today that Printers is going to be released by Kansas City at the end of the week...any truth to the rumour sporty.... :roll: :?...add to this RUMOUR out of Van.....if Printers clears waivers...B.C. will trade him to Hamilton for Corey Holmes.....is this reliable stuff sport....or just a bunch of musings by your local media boys.... :roll: :? or does McMahon work out there???.... :lol: :lol:

Didn't hear Papa, was busy working out in the yard all day. I'll have to turn on the sports tonight at 9:00pm and see what transpires. If the source was David Pratt, Tony Gallagher, or Marty York, I would take it with a grain of salt.

We don't need Holmes, we have Joe Smith.

did Mac Boy crack the system and start posting as SM, Papa, and FYB?

I dunno, but apparently the same report has popped up on the forum over on www.riderfans.com by someone who possesses the screen name "KKforMayor" Papa, what are you doing invading Riderfans.com?

Thats funny I heard the same thing but the bonus money Printers got will keep him down there until he gets that clipboard job he is eagerly looking for.

:lol: Sportsman and all- you have it all wrong:
  1. Printers is cut back to BC
  2. Dickenson quits cuz Wally won't give hima cellphone for the sidelines.
  3. But Wally has already traded Printers to Hamilton for Ron Lancaster.
  4. Troy Westwood gets traded to Nashville for a banjo picker for halftime shows in Winterpeg.
  5. Lumsden re-signs with the Ti-Cats and Ranek is released and goes back to Ottawa to sit as a Member of Parlaiment.
  6. Ricky Williams convinces Joe theisman to come out of retirment to play again forthe Argos!!
  7. Chris Walby becomes a spokesperson for 'JENNY CRAIG'!
  8. Kanga Kucha is appointed Canadian national chairperson for the group wishing to stamp out ILLITERACY in Canada!
  9. Danny Macchocia (who can spell his name correctly anyway?) accepts the t.v role as the Beaver in the new 'Leave it to Beaver' series.
  10. Jason Maas retires and accepts a job as western Canadian CEO for a hair-replacement company.
  11. Ricky Ray retires and accepts the lead role in the Canadian stage production of 'Rocky Horror Picture Show'
  12. Angelo Mosca interrupts the TSN halftime show and shoves a microphone down Leif Peterson's throat. Mosca's assault charge is thrown out of court by the judge who says,"... he deserved it!"
  13. Joe Papao becomes offensive co-ordinator of the Eskimos.
  14. Eric Tillman fires Danny Barrett but hires Roy Shivers as Head Coach.
  15. The Riders go undefeated the rest of the season and win the Grey Cup in Winterpeg despite the temperature being -66 degrees at kickoff. Troy Westwood plays the banjo as the half-time show featured star!
    Riders Rule
    Bombers Drool!!!!!!! :rockin:

$10 it wont even be -25 at the grey cup

Oh yeah, I forgot that GLOBAL WARMING was caused by too many perogies being cooked in Winterpeg during the winter months!!
Riders Rule
Bombers Drool!!!!!!!!!!!

Did anyone notice that Turkey's prediction percentage is a whole lot higher than McMahons?

Seriously though, Nothing on the Printer's for Holmes rumour. All speculation. Even if Casey gets cut by Kansas City, there were a couple other teams interested in him. We won't seem him in the CFL in 2006.

7. Chris Walby becomes a spokesperson for 'JENNY CRAIG'
which CFL team does Kirstie end up playing defensive tackle for??

Oh please be right on these two! :wink:

Sorry- re: Chris Walby - I got it wrong.
He is now spokesman for the 'CRAIG STADLER WEIGHTLOSS GROUP. Craig Stadler, better known as the Walrus on the Pro-Golf tour, has a similar girth to Walby.
Riders Rule!!!

Turkey..... Just make #12 & #13 happen!

whille I'm at getting Canada educated, I'll campain for my rules in the CFL, and for getting Alaska and ST.P/M to join Canada.

however, the riders will still lose to Winnipeg in the Grey Cup.