Time to revisit scrapping CFL divisions?

I'm still relatively new to this forum, so I 'll assume that this has been debated several times, but...

Can we just get rid of the West/East divisions in the CFL?
Have you seen who is in first place in the East?
More correctly, have you seen their records?
Compare that to the West - again!

I'd like to see the best teams recognized as such, regardless of their location.
For reasons unknown, the East almost always lags the West. Why have a team claim FIRST PLACE in the East?
It's embarrassing.

Reward the Western teams by letting them have bragging rights that they are first/second/third/fourth in the league, not just in the west.
The Eastern teams can "brag" that they are tied for fifth in the league, not tied for first in the East.

I know there was a poll a while ago asking about this, and the result was to keep the divisions.
I do not understand that at all.

Only if there's a tenth team.

Can you name ONE pro league that operates that way ???

Divisions have nothing to do with performance or bragging rights. They are there to protect broadcaster and keep expenses down.

Sure. The Australian Football Leage (AFL), The English Premier League (and all other Soccer Leagues not named MLS), Pro12(Celtic Rugby), Top 14(French Rugby), Premiership(English Rugby), Super 15(S. Hemisphere Rugby), The NRL(Australia), RFL(England)

Under either format, they would do 2 games against every team in the CFL, and a rubber match against 2 teams, which could be geographically fixed as opposed to a rotation. It would work.

Top six teams make the playoffs.

Funny that a fan of an East division team would suggest this.

Vermonter he asked for pro leagues. Soccer is not a sport and neither is aussie rules. Stick with the big sports.

Divisions are a must. It’s also big for the Grey Cup history and tradition. I would even go away with the crossover. I think the big problem is that the fans out west are so demanding that those organizations come through with trying to win a lot more.

I'm not one for tradition just for the sake of tradition, but I do think that something would be lost if the Grey Cup was not East vs West.

tv numbers in Ontario and quebec would greatly decline if no eastern team was in the final 4 of playoffs, let alone the cup.

eastern attendance numbers would most likely go down if this were to become the norm.

and how do you know that the #'s will go down? do you just think that or have any proof. Come on man. Don't think about anything cause when you do, it ends up with nothing!!!

Though I want 2 divisions you have no common sense about things so just stop it.

Not only is this an incredibly stupid and costly idea, why would anyone from the east actually want this? The Argos and Als would win a cup every thirty years and Hamilton and Ottawa might play in a cup every fifty.


and you do have common sense


this is the post of the decade

Have you seen the ratings on RDS of non Als games? Your the one who should stop it. Even if the numbers were made up by more Westerners watching (highly unlikely), the demographics of the audience would be very different and National sponsors want a National vehicle for their National campaigns. Rona wouldn’t be to excited about forking out millions and end up with an All Alberta Grey Cup and all western playoff for example when 90 percent of their business is in Ontario and Quebec and that is just one example.

It is the same reason the CFL keeps propping up the Argos where they’ve folded teams like the Renegades that were in far better shape.

Football is a business.

How long do you think the eastern teams would survive by consistently missing the playoffs. And then how long would the league survive?


The Divisions Rule.

:rockin: :twisted: :cowboy:

One of the biggest selling points the CFL has is the league's long storied history and rivalries that are legendary. Grey Cup week was born out of the East West rivalry. The TV numbers have grown substantially under the current format. No need to fix what's not broken .

i’ll say it again. divisions are good but not for tv ratings. the east will struggle if they dont make the playoffs. give me a break.

you guys what 15 yrs old? go to school get off here trying to tell ppl like me who are in the know what to think or do.

i forgot to watch the grey cup the last few yrs cause the blue bombers weren’t in it. get over it fellas

. . . and I will ask you again, for like the umpteenth time, what ever became of that announcement that you said was coming last week about the CFL setting up a soccer league?

And why are you not answering that question?

He's not answering your question MJ cause his mommy called him to come up from the basement for supper :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

in the 15+ years that I have been on internet forums, I have never labelled anyone a troll......until now.

I hereby label WBBB to be as big a troll as there is.

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I REALLY like Ottawa being in the East Division. :wink: