Time to rest Joesph?

Kerry is injured , and it showed in the Edmonton game. IMO,they should let him rest for a game or two, or risk losing him for the rest of the year--and that is something none of us want to see.

Agreed. Let's rest the O-line, too, since they must be injured. That's the only excuse for sacked quarterbacks, blocked kicks and ruined plays.

You obviously missed my point. If you watched the game at all on Friday, and watch Joseph try to catch Dixon when he went in for his TD , you could see Joseph hobbling down field after him. Joseph had trouble throwing, a 39% compeletion rate!! Rest him for a game or two, or you may see Crandell in for more than just two games. This season is not lost yet, but it might be if Joseph is injured even further. Try a better answer windav.

I agree with you Sambo mostly. As far as him hobbling like an idiot trying to prevent the INT TD return, that was ridiculous.

OMG wuts wrong with u? :roll:

i agree :thup: let Crandell take the next 2 games, and rest Joesph. Hamilton is in town, there not doin so good right now, so throw him in. :wink: doin get me wrong, Hamilton is not an easy win :cowboy: