Time To Release some players ( clear up cap room)

I now have counted 13 WR's on our roster.
I can only see us bringing 10 max to T.C.

Seems like the writing is on the wall
for Jamie Boreham to find a new home.
Can't see him sticking around.

Pat Fleming either. Both make too much
money (approx. $70,000). and arent valuable.

We have 4 kickers on our roster as well.

Love our depth at LB. espc. Moreno
and hope we can get Timmy Chang to T.C.
him and stubblefield will work well IMO.

This is a grey cup team if we have a healthy
and Chang

Hitchcock, while a good special teams player, isn't really a key part of taking us to the Grey Cup. And, we've seen nothing of Chang yet. He's a project, not someone that is gonna make a huge impact right now.

Releasing Maas would free up a lot of cap room. Butler at QB with the "others" including Jimmy Changa battling for the backup, Eakin may be improved this year.

I doubt Eakin will be back and I'm not sure we really want him

Ummm I'm pretty sure we already did that. :roll: We should have lots of cap room. Cheatwood, Cotton, Peterson, Peterson, Justin, Flick, Smith, Ranek...need I continue??

Maybe we should see how some of these guys do in training camp before we start giving them the positions of current roster players. Just an idea.

While I think BOREHAM's release is long overdue, I wont get too excited about any "Grey Cup" type of thinking. I'd be very happy finishing above 500 and making the playoffs, but GREY CUP is unrealistic in my opinion. While the offence is starting to look good, we still need improvement at all positions on defence, including an interior lineman and cornerback.

But its nice to see some optimism around here... :wink:

Mabye YOU haven't seen any of Timmy Chang, doesn't mean any one else hasn't.

I have scouted this kid since he was a Sr. in H.S.
and watched him play in the WAC and numerous Hawaii Bowl's. quick release, good speed, not ideal size for the NFL, so I hope he reports to the ti-cats.

Agree the Boreham release is long overdue, he needs a fresh start elsewhere, Hamilton doesn't suit him.

Pat Fleming is stealing paycheques here as well. 1 dimensional player. like to see him in a move which will send us an O-lineman

still haven't seen him in a CFL game, and until that point andkon's point stands that we've seen NOTHING of Chang.

Disagree about Hitch though, between his leadership, experience, versatility and ST play he's worth keeping around.