Time To Really Clean House Now!

What is the use having guys on our team who dont try?Yes we have growing pains and today was the day of the dropped ball , but I want these players off the team as soon as posiable!The LB core are the strongest link and they must stay!All the dbs must go!
Hudson and Woodard must go!way to overrated!all the defensive takles except for Mckay Loescher must go!The wr cole are just having growing pains too but we could use a couple vets there!A Allstar defensive tackle is a must!Maybe free agents will help us this off season!Please make me proud of this team again!


How many times can we clean the house? Every time you clean the house it takes time to get all the stuff back in order. We HAVE a solid basis for our team. The D isn't that bad we have a good nucleus for our offence. All we really need are some receivers who can consistently make plays. When we get the drives going the Defence doesn't have to go that extra 30% meaning we stay fresh and can dictate the pace of the game.

Seriously we are not that far off.

How many years can you say maybe next year and beleive it?

Thta’s shortsighted becuase this is only year one with this group.

We change EVERY year. Not once since 03 have we kept our solid core of players. All the people complaining about cleaning the house are the ones not happy with cutting Rob or Mike and trading DJ,Goss, Smith. You got to wake up and realize 45 guys new to each other aren't going to go 18-0. Give it a year or to and we will be amazing. Just look at all the recent dynasties, The Patriots were horrible but stuck with it, the Steelers stuck with it, The BC Lions stuck with it.

Compare this to college ball. The teams with the most returning starters usually fair better because they have continuity while all the freshmen starters struggle but become very good players by the senior season.

You have to start somewhere and I think that this is the best team to start building the dynasty that we are used to having in the Hamilton Tiger-Cats football club.

Sack Attack, I agree with you totally. We need to let these young players continue to work on their game, digesting the lessons of this horrid season. That is the only way that they can become the winners they will someday be. The whole problem here is that many of us are stuck in the perception that this is year 4 of the Tiger-Cat Reconstruction; it is only year 1 of the Great Second Attempt. It would be utter folly to rip it all up again.

8) I agree, we can't keep cleaning house every year. We have to maintain some sort of stability to eventually be successful. That being said, I sure didn't see too much today to get me excited about next season at all !!! I am not to optimistic that we will improve that much next year to be really competetive in this league !!!!!! :cry:

Didn't we clean house last year, and the year before that, and the year before that?

Do you see a trend here?

Even Danny Mac on the TSN broadcast atributed the TiCats woes on a lack of continuity.

We're all frustrated, but knee jerk reactions are the reason we're at this point.

Certainly there will be changes (ahem, secondary) but you have to build around a core and I think we've got that.

doesnt anyone remember 1998 when we brought ron lancaster here outside of his son ,danny, darren and talking philbrick out of retirement he didnt make wholesale changes to the club and went ot the grey cup twice. if mr young hires the right gm and head coach they wont have to make too many changes here than would probably been made with the current staff

why was coach marshall let go if they are just gonna get worse ?? i thought the point of a shake-up was for "progression not regression"

Why did we get rid of coach Marshall indeed!
This team offensively is a disgrace.
A total bust. However the running game showed some promise but the passing game is junior kindergarden.
Once again 0-9 on the road.
Why does coach Taffe not go nuts on the sideline once and a while. Show some emotion for once ... tear off the headphones and throw them at the next clown who drops a pass.

Two home games left.
For all that is right and holy can the league order the Cats to simply mail in the points to the opposition and stop this fiasco!
Any way back to my Lindsay Lohan video ... wow! :lol:

We have to get better and not keep the players who are playing hard let down all the time!!Its not fair and they wont want to stay here!

Clean house!!!! But not the players.
We need a new coach and assistants who can properly motivate and use the players we have to be the best of their abilities before we start getting rid of too many players.
Charlie and his buddies are not taking this team anywhere. Just has not worked out the way we expected. Cut the losses at the end of this season.

[quote=“Justdoit”]The LB core are the strongest link and they must stay!All the dbs must go!
Hudson and Woodard must go!way to overrated!all the defensive takles except for Mckay Loescher must go!quote]

I’ll agree with the LB’s, but I think George has done alright since coming back from his injury, and I think Dunbrack has stepped up to the plate as well (played well against BC last night).
Both of these guys are vets who can both make a huge contribution to the team.

One big difference between the two teams (Lions/Ti-Cats) is ...."continuity".....

Wally Buono

it does not always take a long period of time when you clean house.it just appears that way when you clean house when a) you don't know who to send packing and b) you're doing it just to do it.
just look back to the 1997 season 2-16 and ron took over in feb, he was smart enough to know which pieces he could use and which ones to get rid of
burt thornton, willie brown,etc and kept guys like justin ring.it just seems like its taking too long because you cleared out way too many players that didn't need to be cleared out-no vision for this season. it can be done because as you all remember the team went to the cup in'98. so last season could've been your 1997 season (bad) and this season could've theoretically been your 1998 season (good, cup appearance) so don't try to protect people and give them the benefit of the doubt and more time because football people can make great things happen in short time frames.

      city legend

Dont get rid of anyone...this crap of cleaning house every loss is getting pathetic...any team sport requires massive amounts of practice time and playing time (together) to achieve wins...despite the loss last night to BC I saw vast improvements every where...both the offensive and defensive squads played better than I can remember this year...how about supporting the team win or lose...what ever happened to that?

The ONLY change I would accept would be Rambo for Desjardins as GM, although I am not sold on that for precisely the need for continuity others have discussed. That being stated, there must be upgrades at offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator, IMHO.

Personnel-wise, obviously the secondary and wideout components need to be beefed up through the FA pool, recruitment, and drafting. I would not trade Caulley to any other club as some might suggest -- I think we have a keeper there who gives us depth at RB should Jesse get hurt in 2008. We have a pretty solid 1-2 punch at QB with Printers and Williams going into next year. We need to work hard to ensure Richie`s development continues. As for Chang, more film study and time to adapt to CFL speed should make him a better part of the mix.

One more thing«: sign Setta to an extension!!! LOL :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

N0 way to cleaning the house. This team is young and has played tough football all season with a few close games I think this off season we should see some Major CFL free agent signings of some top CFL TALENT to help this team!I think a Danny Mac as a QB coach to work with Working and the receivers....
would be a great move