Time to put your Money Baggs where your mouth is

Everyday there's talking and preaching and a Hollywood personality...

Now put your Money Baggs where your mouth is and perform!


Hasn’t it been Baggs whose been preaching that the team needs to “stay humble”. I guess he doesn’t believe in practicing what he preaches…

That is nonsense. The problem is that the DC is stubborn and is not setting up schemes to maximize the talents of the players, but instead is making them play his desired system, in essence, trying to put round pegs into square holes.

I was behinc the Cats bench last night, and saw the DC keep Baggs on the sidelines and put others in, and watch the defence get shredded. When Baggs went in, granted he did not record a sack or tackle, but he immediately amped up the pressure and forced Buck out of the pocket, usually away from Baggs. Forceing situations is as good as recording stats.

The problem was that when Baggs was on the sidelines, he was itching to get in and play, and fuming at being benched. I did not see any discussion or arguments with the coach, he just stood there bouncing and itching to get back in, obviously wanting to contribute to his team, and obviously upset about being benched.

Makes one think that the problem is with Chamblin and his ego deciding to take away the strengths of Bagg's game, to make him play a quasi linebacker which essentially limits his contributions. I do not believe Obie signed Baggs to play this role, I believe we paid Baggs big money to be an impact rush end (like he proved last year) so that what Chamblin is doing now, is a joke. Baggs was honourable in coming here and staying here to play, but I bet he wishes now, that he was not here, not that he does not love the team and the players, and the city, but that some ego maniacal rookie defensive coordinator has chosen Baggs to be his "I am going to make a statement as a coach" fall guy.

Do not be surprised if Chamblin has spelled the end of Baggs in Hamilton, and when Hickman exercises his free agency to go to the NFL or elsewhere next year, who the hell is going to want to play for Chamblin?

If our defence was successful and dominant, it would be easier to say that Baggs has to suck it up and play the system for the greater good of the team, but our defence sucks, is porous, and ill prepared each game, so not using Baggs effectively is an absolute joke.

To the poster above me...

What about the other 13 games this year?

Well Rusty hasn't been paying attention in class.

Stevie Baggs is not Stevie Baggs because the DC is not using him to his strength.

He is the PREMIER rush end in the league who is not being used as a rush end.

He is moving along the line, shadowing the opposing QB this year. He rarely crosses the LOS to pressure the QB and has been given the task of merely holding the line to prevent roll outs to the wide side. This has rendered him virtually useless. It also finds him taking on his O-Tackle, usually a FB and sometimes even opposing WR.

It's Chamblin's system that has literally neutered Baggs.

OUCH! I'll bet that hurt. :lol: (I think you probably meant figuratively and not literally). :oops:

The same chucklehead who was laughing with Kropke late in the 4th quarter. One must ask himself, what is the name the name of ^%$# where these two laughing about? The scoreboard said it all, a visiting team came to play in our house and we let them do everything they wanted with little or no responce from Chamblim, Kropke or Marcel B. pretty well sums up the leadership we have in this team. The defence does not beleive in Chamblins scheme or Marcel's hearts and flowers approach. This is football folks ..............controlled aggression. Don't ship a nail next game boys? This is nut or shut time for this team!