time to protect the cfl

CFL teams used - and maybe they still do, and I can't remember because I'm so used to it - have the Gov't of Canada logo ("Canada" with the maple leaf flag over the last 'A') on the backs of their helmets, and I'm pretty sure they still have a little maple leaf flag there ...

right on! it's time to stop the maddness, and draw the line!

and some govt money to help the CFL out wouldn't be bad either, but I don't see it hapeing.

and yes, players still have the Canadian Flag on the backs of the helmits, like the Amricans do with the US flag in the NFL.

and some govt money to help the CFL out wouldn't be bad either
easy for you to say, its not your money.

I creat these stupid post my friend! i do.
Because i think we need an engaging argument about what type of govenement involvement is needed for the cfl to survive. At waht level should the govenment be involved? if not finacially then i beleive that calling canadian football a national sport would protect it from rich eccentric millionares fiancing an nfl team in toronto whichin turn would lead to the destruction of the cfl.


What a thread!

I have to say this is the best post I have read regarding this issue! And the fact is you are absolutely correct on all issues here. The marketing of both leagues are far a part. The advertising and marketing machine in the south is just that smoke and mirrors making one to believe they are the only option. Yet the small marketing team which I believe will get better over the next few years will never ever match the NFL's. Basically the CFL relies on its game and the unique rules that are different then that of the NFL. I know I have family and many friends that are from the states. They love the CFL first and then they watch the NFL second. One is a vasity coach in LA. He is totally sold on the rules of the Canadian game and now watches as much as he can.

Great Post JB!

I think the CFL teams were getting $100,000 each from the Liberal Govt. as part of the sponsership program (one of the good things...lol). All the players had a Canadian flag on their helmet...I guess they were getting money for promoting the Canadian flag.
With the sponsership program getting canned I guess that handout is history.
I still think the Conservative Govt. is willing to put up some stadium money if the local and Provincial Governments would step up as well.

DB, I rather doubt that! They were critical on the sponsership program. Not only that they have bigger fish to fry with our military, civic infrustructure, medicare needs etc. No government will fork money out for a sporting venue. The only ones would have to have international flavor to it like the Commonwealth Games and the Oylmpic's. You can bet on that one.

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In this instance only because it is true Canadiana and the only real unifying social fabric left in this country, I am for government legislation. Despite realizing the NFL will never come here, re anti trust laws, still I would put it on the books.
Bring it on.

now thats the most sensible post I have ever seen form AB by far. :thup:

Anti Trust? as in eliminating the competition and becoming an Monopoly? Even if the CFL dies there is the Arena Football league, and the new All American Football league.

then a few years, it could very well be my money

it doesn't need protection , plan and simple!

he is talking about US laws, buddy, BTW, which is better? the AAFL or the CFL?


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Well RKyamoron11 did you know that the NFL is considering going to an 18-game schedule? It could happen as soon as next season. Your precious league could be borrowing from the CFL--AGAIN!!!!

And yet they have survived LONGER then the nfl! Anti trust laws are no big deal in the u.s. Major corporations all have them in place, INCLUDING the nfl. No reason why the CFL shouldn't have them either.