time to protect the cfl

its time to pass legislation in the house fo commons to,once and for all, declare Canadian football a national sport like hockey and lacrosse and thus protecting it from NFL expansion.

We don't need any protection, the game and league can stand on it's own two feet, with or without any NFL team in the country.

The Canadian Parliament brought in legislation blocking the World Football League from expanding to Canada...I'm sure they would do the same to stop the NFL and preserve the CFL...

No they wouldn't, we are now in the era of free trade my friend.

The NFL has a perfect divisional alignment right now and probably won't be in a position to expand for years. The LA market has priority anyway. Behind LA are smaller US markets like San Antonio, Portland, and Salt Lake City (and Chicago is pushing for a second team), so there's no reason to worry.

I'm more concerned with media saturation than actual expansion. With the NFL's media coverage/hype growing by the second, it poses a constant image threat to the CFL since there's just no financial way for the CFL to match the NFL's publicity machine or player marketing.

I really wish there were something we could do to change the perception that the CFL is inferior simply because it can't match the media explosion of the NFL.

Anyone who watched the first half of the Pittsburgh/Miami game Thursday night has to realize the NFL doesn't live up to its own image very often. Compared to the punt fest on the field, the media build-up and hype for that game were ridiculous.

who creates these stupid posts?

jbedell wrote:

I really wish there were something we could do to change the perception that the CFL is inferior simply because it can't match the media explosion of the NFL.
It's a tough, dog-eat-dog world out there. The CFL has to step it up with doing opening night gigs like what we saw last night for the NFL opening gig, push this as much as possible. Not much you can do I guess if papers here want to bury CFL news on the back pages other than keep pushing the product and the game with as much as we can.

Why the CFL doesn't have an opening night gig like the NFL is beyond me. The wheel has been invented, they need to realize this and wake up. But the CFL is doing some great things like webcasts and all the games on TV, this is excellent!! I loved seeing Bettis come out of the bus last night, that was great. Another type of wheel, invented and before everyone's eyes.

Because the CFL is a huge part of Canadas cultural herritage- imo- THe government should subsidize,the CFL to level the financial plane, with the nfl, the CFL out draws the nfl on tv in Canada but the huge tv contracts the nfl recieves put it in an unfair competative advantage , and it encroaches on CFL territory. not saying the gov has to pay out billion,s just help the cfl, perhaps with a cultural endowment to be invested along the lines of the ontario teachers pension fund, or the canada pension fund. free trade should not be unfair trade vivla CFL

The taxpayers don't have an appetite for subsidizing pro sports. I don't think you'll see it happen.

gov funds do go toward cultural stuff, and the arts, etc- im saying put 100, mil in a fund and let the CFL draw off the interest, or div,s- to help protect the CFL as a cultural institution, besides the CFL has probably earned the CBC more $$$$than that over the years. this is money well spent, ( they spent 6 mil changeing the olgc title to ogc- is that better spent) :?

Free trade!!!!!!!
If you call bending over and agreeing every time the Americans feel like changing the rules, then ya we have free trade

who told you that you get to decided what is stupid :twisted:

government should subsidize,the CFL to level the financial plane



I don't think this is necessary. The CFL can survive and prosper with or without the NFL in town.

And, the Argos can, too. (Do you honestly think that the 30 000 Argo fans are just going to stop going to games b/c an NFL team comes...or that no new Argo fans will ever be born again...rubbish! There is a lot of sports/entertainment competition in Hogtown already...one more isn't going to be the end of the world!)

nfl not subsidized? way!!

I dont care about the NFL and the USA taxpayers. My tax money is not going to support pro sports. Bad enough that it is spent on arts and other frivilous stuff. The govt is not, or should not, be in the entertainment business.

re-footbalYoubet- stop twisting my words, if you read my post, the fund could be implimented in a proacheivement award system, so the players can compete for bonus funds? not directly handed out to the teams, just add insentive to the top players, to play in and stay in the cfl,

I am sorry, I just dont beleive in govt involvement re money in any shape or form. I am not twisting your words, just expressing my own opinion on the subject. :thup:

i guess if the cbc payed out the equivilant to the cfl as the u s networks , to the nfl, that would fix the problem, not sure HOW much rev they get from the cfl broadcasts, ?

of course, then there is the issue of the CBC already being govt subsidized.

Would be better if TSN could pay out more, but we dont have the population to watch the games in enough numbers to cause advertisers to pay TSN nearly enough to enable them to pay the league more.