Time to pack it in?

I certainly don't want to be the dark cloud in the group, but I get the feeling that this season is already over. I know it's still incredibly early in the season, but we've been blown out in consecutive weeks. And if the Bombers had anyone but Serna kicking its field goals, we'd be 0-3 right now. And it doesn't get much better. Next week we have to go into Regina (God help us), and then the week after we have our rematch against Montreal. We could very well start the season off 1-4.

Saskatchewan is play great team football right now, and it won't be long before Calgary takes a couple Tylenol and shakes off its hangover. Where does that leave us? Fighting with B.C. for third place, and considering they're dancing circles around us right now, they have the advantage.

Things don't look good for Edmonton right now. Our defence is non-existent (Montreal: 50 points; B.C.: 40 points), and our offence (what used to be our strong suit) is averaging 16 points.


this really suprises me, before the year started i figured the Esks could take a run for 2nd but wow the 2 games i have seen them play they look horrible! defence is brutal, I would put Mass in next game shake up the team, lots of fooball season left so will see what happens

I told my friend in Edm. that if McCartey gets going its gonna be a long night for BC. Thank god you guys dont use him more...his emotion and swagger when he gets rolling seems to be contaigeous throughout your team...can we have him please :slight_smile: Good luck against Sask.

You are right on there Chief as I can see the Esk's going 1-4 real quick as well. Not Ricky Ray's fault nor is it the running games fault. Jarious Jackson picked apart the right side of the Edmonton defence on will. You could see it in Maciocia's eyes, if this keeps up the trigger will be pulled on one given coach truckin up and down the sidelines. Could it be be the brotherhood of a nasty Eskimo's coach in Mike Kelly that got away; Good luck in Bomberville and rightlyso. I like Richie Hall but..............Regina is up next and they will be the next team to blow the Esk's out if things don't change. I can't believe I just said that. :oops:

You're not the only one, Green_Gold. In fact, I'd put money down on the Riders blowing us out.

Worman and Daley are both questionable in their respective roles. Maciocia has also failed to strengthen the O-line, without which no offense can effectively function, nor has he done anything to replace the losses of Tucker and Campbell at receiver. As for the secondary, they don't seem like they're coached properly. The slightest motion throws them off and Jackson picked them apart using the deep ball all night long.

This is a perfect example of how an elite QB like Ricky Ray can look horrible without the right supporting cast and the right coaching.

So would I. Edmonton has looked simply awful ALL three games: non-stop two and outs against WPG, the entire Montreal game, Ray stunk against BC, the secondary is Swiss cheese, and the "almighty" Richie Hall/John Daley defense has only forced one turnover (and Jackson should have slid instead of fumbling).

Edmonton has been overrated from day one (Lumsden/Hall/K. Jones/WRs) and I would put my money on them going 1-4. I still have them in the playoffs but it's definitely going to be an uphill climb (and in the East).

It's funny... Hall and Daley are known for their good defensive schemes, and yet, where are those schemes? Two straight blow outs. Maybe I was a tad naive, but I thought our defence would improve with these guys on the coaching staff. Instead, our defence has regressed. Someone has some explaining to do.

There had better be some angry words exchanged between coaches and players this week.

I am blown away by the anemic performances during the regular season thus far. With a promising start in the preseason, the team is on the ropes to turn things around in a drastic way. Since I don’t really know much about the players and coaches, I can’t really offer a truly informed commentary, but execution appears very sloppy all the way around.

Perhaps a change in coaching staff would provide the impetus the Eskimos need. I recommend the following:

John Daly, the PGA icon
John Francis Daley, the current FBI agent on the television show “Bones”
John P. Daley, the former Illinois State Senator and Representative

Each could bring interestingly unique perspectives to enhance production; well . . . couldn’t hurt, anyway.

It is really puzzling Chief.........with Hall and Daley, and add in the new talent brought in.............Lloyd especially.........I looked for an improved defence in Edmonton...............and am sure not seeing it at all. I didn't like (and still don't) from an Edmonton perspective the trading away of Shabazz for Ellis...........but that alone cannot explain this.....................

Speaking from the perspective of a Rider fan:

Hall as a defensive co-ordinator was excellent but the fact was he almost always designed a containment focused, non-pressure game and often gave up tons of yards. What allowed the D to look good was how Hall put his stud players in position to come up with big plays every game. Bend but don't break, if you will. Edmonton seems to be missing the big play aspect on defense and without that, in a Richie Hall/John Daly defense, you will give up a TON of yards and points. Also, do not discount the impact a poor offense has on the defense's energy. I've seen enough of that in Regina.

Well no point in firing anyone now , maybe things will change . The D is still learning a new system with many new faces and the O-fence will get better I don't think the Receivers are a problem i think they are doing fairly well Mann has shown that he can be a top receiver in this league, once we get a running game it will open up even more . The o-line is a different issue and thank god the NFL cuts will be comming we should be able to get more depth.
Its a long season and as I always say it's always the team at the end of the year on a hot streak that usually wins the Cup.

Love the hit by Richardson that put out Pierce! The best one since Barranceachea last year against Wpg! Remember that one! Hard-nose eskie football, baby! Woooo!!!

But "The brotherhood of the Prancing Eskimos" keeps getting blown out. At this rate they will end up giving up the most points in the history of the CFL.

You guys might have a disaster on your hands. Bad draft picks, No NI talent on the Oline and a salary management system with the most expensive QB in the league. Nowhere to go....this might take years to fix.

I'm still trying to figure out how Maciocia thought this offense would click without a good O-line and without bringing in receiver talent to off-set the (huge) losses of Tucker and Campbell. Maybe a better O.C. would help -- Worman IMO is a mediocrity with little imagination -- but the foundation of any offense is the O-line. If the hogs aren't doing their job well, nobody else will either.