Time to move on people

It is clear if you've been around this forum since Bob bought the team that fans for the first time are voicing their displeasure with their wallet. For 4 years fans paid with the hope that the product would get better. Now the product has to be better for people to open that same wallet.

Normal way of doing business

I don't recall voting in an official fan representative.
You don't speak for me.


Im with you all the way <!-- s:thup: -->:thup:<!-- s:thup: --> Im tired of all this doom and gloom too. O.k, so I think we got ripped on the Moreno trade but it is overwith now and in the past. Hopefully we get a good draft pick from the deal.

Charlie is gone now. Honestly, guys. No coach has ever had a worse record in the history of the Cats. There is no suprise that they let him go.

I think as diehard ticat fans on this site. whether we agree or not. We should stop dwelling on the past and try to at least turn this forum into something more positive. We can either dwell on all this negativity or support this team, when they need us most.

I choose to support this team. None of the real fans here want to see this team go down the route that Ottawa went.

Some of us prefer the term "realist".

I'm not tired of "whining" yet. I've only just started.

I agree that one of the most frustrating things is that the team is still trying to sell us on the fact that we are still in the playoff hunt, but they turn around and make a trade that is not going to help us this year and probably not next year either.

I'll miss Zeke's playing too, even with this so-called "scheme" that Creehan decided to impose on his defence.
I think the shock over Zeke's trade is that he was one of the very few shining stars last season, along with Nick Setta and Jesse, on a team that had very little going for it. We looked to him to be part of the foundation on which this team was supposed to rebuild.
Well....thanks to Charlie's lack of awareness and his buffoon co-ordinators we could very well lose all three by season's end.
Jesse and Zeke have been mis-used this season and the fault for that lies squarely on the shoulders of the coaching staff.
Re-building this team will be a lot tougher now.

It’s easy to be a shining star on an awful team. He hasn’t even been our best linebacker this year. Just as Jesse hasn’t been our best RB.

I understand these guys are on all the advertisements and sell the most jersey’s and people get attached to them. But it’s about winning football games. We weren’t winning with Zeke. There’s NFL cuts coming. I’m sure they have there eye on replacements.

Case in point. We were wondering a couple weeks ago why they just let Timmy Chang go? Now we know it was because they were high on this kid they just brought in.

As much as we all think we know what the front office is or isn’t doing. We Don’t.

At least give it a week or so to see how this shakes out.

Oh yeah, Bob's probably in his lair convulsed with evil laughter over how he managed to con Bob Young
into paying him a hefty cheque to manage a team that
he doesn't give a #### about and only plans to go through the motions for.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I fooled him, I've fooled everybody...
everybody but meanstreak".