Time to move on people

Doesn't all this whining tire you out? From most accounts Zeke was a good guy. And a good player.
A first round pick and a prospect might not seem like much now but It might turn out great.

Middle linebacker in my opinion is one of the easiest positions to replace. There's been tons of good ones come through Hamilton over the years.
Linebackers stand out because of the big tackle numbers and they're out in space with the oppertunity to make plays.

This team has played pretty well this year. If you forget about last week.. Probably deserved a couple more wins so far. Losing Moreno is not the end of the world. There should be some help coming with the NFL cuts.

OB has had half a to turn around a 3 win team. Everyone called for Charlie's head. You got it.
I'm sure he has something in mind to replace Zeke.
I'm willing to give the New GM at least a year to try and fix this mess.

You won't ever hear this guy giving up on my team.

Go Cats!!!!

Yes - my sentiments exactly!

Get over it!

I liked Moreno, but he was no Zambiasi.
There will be others, as he is an American, and these guys CAN be replaced.

MOVE ON boys....

:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Rock on, Ticat1991.

I am looking forward to this weekend's game. Longshot in Edmonton, but who knows, maybe we'll make things interesting at least.

The worst that can happen is we get blown out so bad that they bring Maas in, and then at least we can hope for a sack or two.

IMO, what many fans are objecting to and really upset about is the fact it seems like the TiCats got the short end of the stick AGAIN re a trade.

We lost a starter, key member of the (already suspect) defense and a popular player and did not receive anything tangible in return.

Big question and issue as to whether Winnipeg knew Canada was damaged goods. They seem to be happy (and boasting thru the TSN interview) they have acquired a quality player in Moreno AND still have Canada under wraps (in the event he can return to action.) We got squat to show for it.

If anything, another quality 1st stringer should have been made available for Cats to choose from.

Also at issue is the mixed message from the organization.

"New" Coach Marcel B stated he is still going for a playoff spot this year whereas GM Bob O seems to indicate (at least thru this so-called trade or swindle) that Cats are looking to the future, and dumping a vocal leader and mainstay defender does nothing to help any playoff drive or aspirations for this season.

Which is it... still trying for this year or giving up for the future?


Agreed, time to move on. Who knows what little "Treasures" next week's episode holds in store.

Which is it... still trying for this year or giving up for the future?
That's JUST IT ... Bob Obillovich keeps talking out of BOTH SIDES of his ARSE ... if ANYTHING became APPARENT to me this week : it is that Bob Obillovich DOES NOT HAVE A VISION for this Club ... the man is going through the MOTIONS to earn a hefty CHEQUE, PERIOD !!

Yet ANOTHER example of Bob Young getting SOLD a Bill-ovich of GOODS by another HUCKSTER, Con Man living off his Rep.


Why does it have to be throw in the towel or go for it. This trade may or may not hurt us this year and it helps us for sure in next years draft. This team is 2 wins out of a play-off spot.

If OB thinks he can have his cake and eat it too....Good for him. Heck he might be right. We got 8 games to find out....Stay tuned.

Shhhhh is that you Obie.

The only image I am getting his people with Ticat Employee badge walking through the crowd with big KoolAid shape Containers full of red liquid....

Not drinking it LOL!

Not sure what this means...

I will also never bail on the Cats. Obie knows what is what. I hope that all the negative nellies on this site become Bomber fans. The Cats and most civil people don't need you.

I think your wrong. A lot of those negative nellies as you call them choose or not to buy tickets, memerobilia...

When you are told that you are building around player X and you go out and buy a jersey for 150 bucks with his name on it and you trade him or release him for nothing or a pick. People have the right to express themselves.

Civil? calling people nellies because they do not share your feelings is what?

Remember....Bob Young created these forums, they even reside on his servers. Check the IP

Be smart and buy jerseys without names!
Honestly, the deal is done, get over it and lets talk about football. Moreno is not that great!

I didn’t think “negative nellies” was such an offensive term. Would you prefer “Doom and Gloomers”?

The situation is gloom and the Ticats season is doomed. So that one applies.

On one side us Doom and Gloomers and to the left the The church or BO koolaid drinking followers

I'm a fan not a Deciple. What fun is it hating the home town team. I'm a Die hard. Losing sucks but it make winning so much sweeter.

Doom and Gloomers? ok.

BUT, this organization seems to lack the ability to hold on to players. Look at our roster, how many players have been here more then 3 years? This team needs some stability you can't expect them to win with rookies every year. How many former Ti-Cat players are doing well with other teams.
Look I love football and my Ti-Cats, have been a fan for 30 yrs. I also spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars a year on merchandise for me and my family, never mind tickets.

So it upsets me when I spend money on jerseys, pictures , posters helmets, footballs etc. then spend the time getting them all autographed only to have the players traded or leave as free agents within a year.
I understand football and know you can't keep every player every year changes do have to be made. But every succesfull pro football team has at least a few dozen 3-5yr vets.
I feel I have been optimistic and patient always having hope and faith, but now this trade may have turned me into a Doom and Gloomer.


Rationalize it all you want. I love how we do this. ONce the house cleaning starts some people get starry eyed and believe that something better is just around the corner. But it's not. I've seen this story before. Zeke wasn't traded because of his ability. He was traded so the DC could save face. And that is pathetic.

The TigerCats will be terrible forever. Is that what everone would rather hear??
Get over it already!

The fanbase is now done with the excuses and promises. I think this is a good thing.

What's a good thing?