Time To Move Forward

Too many posts about the departure of "blink", we are forgetting about our team, everyone is so caught up in being angry at the GM and Berry. From what i saw and read, Smith came here with a great attitiude and is looking forward to a fresh start, this is exactly what the trade was about, new blood and a reality check that if you are not winning, anyone can get the ax.

That being said, i am excited as well about Smith here, and i believe he can provide a different attitude and open the playbook for more deep passes as Joe is alway's a threat with his size. Oh yeah another post i quoted "now we have a 2 back system again, just like the Sellers-Roberts days" and someone said it wouldn't happen because of the ratio, I SAY READ TODAY'S SUN. "REID AND SMITH TO SHARE THE LOAD ON SUNDAY".

He has the size to block effectively and run the ball hard, defenses will be creeping up more for the run which will open up a running attack for Reid, bulldoze it himself, give our QB a chance to dump it off to Reid if need be. It will also open up the air attack. That is what a big back WILL provide. Looking forward to Sunday!! Go Big Blue!!

Not sure what Smith's size has to do with opening the playbook for more deep passes. Also we don't have a 2 back system the sun said that Smith wouldn't be ready to play the whole game and that Reid will get most of the playing time you won't see them both on the field at the same time.

you think hammer? i bet you my season tix that you are wrong!!

Yeah Berry is a huge fan of the 2 back offence if that dummy was willing to alter his offensive scheme then we wouldn't have had to trade Roberts. Maybe they'll bring in a 3rd back and we can run the wishbone

I love Fred Reid. Super happy that this man gets his turn.

He's a younger, faster version of Roberts and now they have the luxury of a power back too boot in Smith.

Now they just need to get the passing game going.

Moving forward, they now have to find someone to play MLB with the injury to Lobendahn.

They should also look at the other two LB positions, safety and the lack of push from the d-line.

This defense needs at least 4 or 5 replacements, guys who can make plays.

i think the bombers were dong a great job cycling the backs. and its funyn with roberts gone they opened up a ew new pages in the running books. I am ok with smith he looked very good on sunday.

and Blue i was always a huge roberts fan thats why the trade bugged me but at no point did i see or hear an interview with smith about his feelings of being in the blue and gold

Smith will be around when Roberts is gone from the league(probab;y next year) therefore it was a good move. You can't dwell in the past. That hurt our riders for years.