time to modify the rules for taking a 2-point safety?


it is getting to be all too common for a team to take a 2-point safety instead of punting from their endzone. while this is well within the rules, it also shows a serious lack of competitiveness and adds nothing to the game. teams tend to use this strategy to get out of a jam, like punting from their end-zone, but wouldn't you say it would be more exciting to watch a team try to play their way out of a jam instead? this is why i feel that it is perhaps time to modify the rules so as to discourage this boring trend.

so... whadya think?

I agree with you , there should be a limit per half.

It actually helps the other team more........you hand them 2 points and then you have to kick the ball to them again.

I can see it for running out the clock at the end when you have a lead and for a HUGE wind in your face............but it is kind of dumb.

I like it the way it is. And on a safety do they not have to kickof from the 20? so the returning team usually gets it close to the 55 anyway? I might be confusing this with the NFL

Safety is kicked off from the 35 Yard line...same as after Touchdowns and Field Goals.

Billy You have the NFL rule on your mind.


It's a good rule. I think it would be silly to take it out of the game or to limit the number of times allowed per half. It's good and strategic ... 2 points can make a huge difference. It's strategic, and it's all part of the chess match that is field position ... I say keep it the way it is!

I'm undecided, but the way it is now is fine. I voted for the 2nd choice.

That is ture.

Giving points and ball control is a big thing to concede. If you are willing to give that in return for a less dramatic field position, I say go for it. Don't touch the rule.

I say you increase the safety to 4 points and the opposition takes possession at their 40 yd. line…that way you would have to really weigh out the advantage of field position vs. points…the way it is now it’s becoming almost automatic to concede when you are near your own goal line… because of the dangerous return guys the league has now…something has to change… :arrow:

not agreed....Leave the rule the way it is...it makes sence and is a good strategy

No. There should be no safeties.

Think back to the origins of the sport. A safety is akin to an "own goal" in soccer.

The safety should be 6 points for the defence.

I like it the way it is.
Give up 2 or give them the ball in field goal range.

Yep. And against Ottawa, just punt the damn ball from your endzone. It's not like they'll succeed on the field goal attempt anyways...

Geez Kanga...... There's the "ture" again. I might start keeping count. You still missed it when you went to edit.

On topic now.... I'm really on the fence and leaning no particular way. YES I'd like to see more action in the game but you can't just take it out of the game. But I also do see it as a great strategic part of the game. And because of how large the CFL endzones are it really makes NO sense at all to punt if you're backed to inside your own 5 yard line.

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Remember when Winnipeg lost the 1963 cup (I think it was) becase they gave up 3 safetys?

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