Time to Merge the East and the West into 1 Division

UNFAIR Playoff structure in the CFL. Rewards teams for mediocre records and punishes teams for better records simply by geographical locations of cities. Out with the East vs West Playoff structure and out with the East, West Divisions.
Look at the 2017 final standings and playoff structure.
Winnipeg- 12-6
Edmonton- 12-6
Saskatchewan- 10-8
BC- 7-11
Toronto- 9-9
Ottawa- 8-9-1
Hamilton- 6-12
Montreal- 3-15
Due to top teams finishing in their division getting first round playoff byes and the playoff cross over format.
You have the better team , Sask at Ottawa for a playoff game..Why is the better team on the road. Rewarding Ottawa with a home (advantage) playoff game (ticket revenue) for being 8-9-1. Not even .500 gets you huge advantage over a 10-8 team. Toronto gets a 1st round bye which is a huge advantage and they finished with just a 500 season. All due to an East vs West Divisional League. Leaving you the best teams battling out in the West semi finals which leaves no way the best two teams playing in the Grey Cup Final.
Not to mention better teams are playing all their games on the road, losing a well deserved home field advantage and the ticket revenue that goes along with it...The reward you should be getting by fielding a better team than the others.
What the league should be:
One CFL Division (2017 final standings)
Winnipeg- 12-6
Edmonton- 12-6
Saskatchewan- 10-8
Toronto- 9-9
Ottawa- 8-9-1
BC- 7-11
Hamilton- 6-12
Montreal- 3-15
Playoff 2017 should be
Ottawa @ Edmonton 1st round
Toronto @ Saskatchewan 1st round
Winning team with worst league record @ Calgary 2nd round
Winning team with best league record @ Winnipeg 2nd round
Grey Cup will then have the 2 best team playing in the Finals
Reward the best teams...Dont punish them.

Kind of a spread the wealth thing. Ahh

the top 6 teams made the playoffs

you are looking for a problem that doesn't exist at the expense of tossing aside solid tradition and rivalry.

Yeah, but Toronto got a unfair competitive advantage to advance to the Grey Cup. The top teams don't compete for the Grey Cup.

As for rivalry it you can't sell tickets to a playoff game with a western or eastern opponent you got a problem.

EDM couldn't beat CAL, who couldn't beat TOR. WPG couldn't beat EDM. SSK couldn't beat TOR, and OTT couldn't beat SSK. Which "top team" never got a chance to compete? (besides HAM)

Anyway, since this is a recurring annual thread, should we paste all of last year's responses in, or should everyone just re-type the exact same arguments again?


All of this has happened before and will happen again.

One division would make this league so much more than a 4 horse show in the East that left the gates years ago and never finished .

Get r done . One division for 2019 . :slight_smile:

The biggest elephant in the room is the joke of divisions .

The casual we want and the new fans seem to look in and say WTF is that nonsense .

We need to see what others see and fix the flat tire of a ridiculous system .

In the past Iwas obstinate like the one's here now I see what the critics see ; that's it'sartificial .

Not sure why why some don't see it as a unnatural uncompetitive system ?

New consumers are not buying it so why not tweak the product your selling to something more natural and not contrived ?

The argument is not that it's tradition. Maybe it was at one point, & is still to a small degree.

The big argument against one division is no one east of SK is going to give a crap about a BC/Cgy Grey Cup or any other west only match-up.

Like it or not, the bulk of the media and corporate sponsors are located in the east. You can't sell the league's tv deal based on west only dominance. You can't sell corporate sponsorships to the corporate head offices in the east when the GC is between 2 teams who won't hold anyone's interest in the east.

You eliminate the divisions, here's what's going to happen:

  1. The tv deal with TSN is over, because they can't sell enough ad space to western regional sponsors only to operate as it exists now. No eastern sponsors will buy ad space to advertise to the west only. With no tv deal, Toronto & Montreal will fold because neither has the attendance to operate without it.

  2. With those 2 teams gone, the best case scenario is that local cable access networks will be the only way to televise what's left of the CFL games. Hamilton & Ottawa will struggle on for a few years, then finally fold.

  3. Without major corporate sponsors, and no way to display the product to a nationwide audience, the 5 western teams will be reduced to the equivalent of triple A baseball teams. There will also be a major drain of player talent to the new US leagues starting up over the next 2 years because teams will not be able to operate under the same business structure with the TSN money gone.

  4. BC will be the first team to fold in the west, since their attendance is the worst. The other 4 teams may continue for a few years, fielding rosters with largely CIS talent and a few marginal US players who can't crack the US expansion league rosters.

  5. The remaining teams in Edm, Cgy, Sask & Wpg fold within 5 years of losing the TSN deal.

So, if you want the CFL to fold, by all means go to one division. The reality is, without the corporate sponsors headquartered in Toronto & Montreal, and the presence of TSN, THERE IS NO CFL.

Finally got to a Grey Cup two years ago. Big party. Everyone in their home colours. Guess what?
Fans in the jerseys of western teams were mostly rooting for - gasp - hated Calgary. Meanwhile we eastern fans were rooting for arch-enemy Ottawa.

I didn't know before the game who I would root for because I can't stand either team. Once I got there it was obvious.

An compromise would be changing the crossover to being if the second best team in the west had a better record than all the teams in the east then that western team gets the eastern bye, and vice versa.

Who has more credibility??
The “Flat Earthers” or the “One Divisioners” :wink:

100% agree.

Should have happened years ago.

I disagree. Implementing the crossover IS the compromise. It's the recognition that the east has been the weak sister. No one can deny that; but if you dilute the eastern presence any more than has already been done, you're just starting to move down the road that I outlined above.

I don't fully understand it, because I grew up in Hamilton, but the west fandom has, as long as I can remember, been kind of dismissive toward the east. I have sort of likened it to the way Hamilton fans see Toronto. They're bigger than we are, with more money. We're more working class, they're more Bay Street. There's an element of jealousy in it too.

What both Hamilton fans fail to realize about Toronto & what the west seems to fail to realize about the east is that we need each other. Just as no one in the east would watch a Wpg/Sask final (and few did in 2007), no one in the west would watch a Montreal/Hamilton GC.

I can't say you're necessary wrong about the league losing sponsorship money if year after year the east lost all their home playoff games, which face it would happen if the league went to one division, but you have to acknowledge, the way things are set up now, there is a problem. The bigger markets, especially Toronto, aren't buying into the Grey Cup the way it is now, winning the championship out of attrition. If my compromise was implemented I don't think the east would see a big enough lost for what you propose will happen if the league goes to an one division format, but it would be one less playoff game the east would have trouble filling, and they would certainly hate the west if a western team stole one of their home playoff games.

Now that I care, really, bored, but sometimes less is more, and right now the east has too much of it.

Agreed, there's a problem with attendance in 2 of the east's cities. I don't think the solution is to take away a potential showcase for the product. If hosting a playoff game were taken away from Ottawa or Hamilton, you bet that would hurt. The other two, not so much.

I think that the solution that is needed to fix the attendance issue is to install competent marketing in those cities. When Bob Young bought the Ticats, I never thought that he could turn around the marketing, but the difference was night & day. I had gotten so used to a nearly empty Ivor Wynne that it was shock to see it full game after game. It became the thing to do to go to the game. That may not work in Toronto or Montreal with all the other options, but there must be some way to make it work. I think the biggest hurdle to doing it would be convincing the respective owners to spend the money to do it.

You have big money owners in Toronto and attendance is still an issue coming off a Grey Cup winning season.

I personally think the issue is with how gridiron football is perceived with the "new young elite" in Canada's major cities and perceived as for "oldies" sort of thing and where, in these 3 cities you have the MLS which is deemed more "with it" with these young, have money, elite type sorts.

Just a problem with the perception in these 3 cities, mainly, as for oldies. No amount of marketing money or ownership is going to be able to account for this IMHO. Might be wrong but don't think so.

A young neighbour of mine, for example, from a small town where he grew up in the Niagara peninsula, moved to Hamilton and worked on BMO as a worker for PCL think it was, talked to him a few years back and he mentioned yeah he gets free seats from PCL for TFC, it's great. Didn't mention the Argos at all. I didn't know what to say to him as I have no interest in TFC or MLS, you couldn't even give me free tickets to go to a TFC game, and just stood there sort of stunned. But that's the new reality around here, it's soccer and TFC thing in Toronto when you're talking football with young people, so it seems in general.

I was looking at the standings and I had to go all the way back to 2013 to find an eastern team that had just as many wins as the second best team in the west. Parity is definitely an issue in the league.

I also noticed the west plays each eastern team twice. Maybe when the Schooners join the league the west should only play each eastern team once?


It took until week 9 for the annual one division thread to be made. Must be a record.

TV and more specifically ad revenue is a big reason why one dvision will never happen.

Playoffs drive the biggest numbers and advertisers will want certainty when the games are on well in advance so having a 1pm EST slot for 2 weeks in a row and a 4:30 EST slot open in the same manner allows to max out revenues which help brings more media $$$ down the road.

I’ve removed a few posts from this topic that generally expressed the sentiment of “not this topic again”. While it’s not a new discussion, it’s a legitimate one that obviously still generates a lot of debate. I know the repetitiveness can feel annoying, but please do your best to contribute meaningfully or otherwise just avoid posting in the topic.

(Personally, I like the East vs. West partition. I have no real reason as to why.)